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Author&Character Interview – Sierra Dean chats with Lucas Rain + Giveaway

If you have been following my blog for some time now you must know what an enthusiastic (= obsessed stalkerish) fan I am of Sierra Dean's Secret McQueen series ever since I discovered and fell for Secret and her universe, and still Sierra Dean manages to amaze me in every new release with her humourous and witty, in short captivating storytelling. This week fans of the series joyfully celebrated the release of Keeping Secret, Book #4 and Sierra was kind to stop by and bring one of the most controversial characters with her. Please give it up for Sierra and Lucas, Werewolf King of the East coast! (and don't leave without entering the giveaway, you wouldn't want to miss out!) 

Author /Character Interview – Sierra Dean chats with Lucas Rain

Love him or hate him (well, let’s face it, most of you hate him), Lucas Rain is probably the most talked about character in the Secret McQueen series. Easily 75% of the comments I hear via Twitter or Goodreads are related to Lucas. So I thought, considering how passionately people are reacting to his role in Keeping Secret, that I’d sit down with the billionaire wolf king to ask a few burning questions.

Sierra Dean: So, Lucas, not to pull any punches here… but people think you’re a twat.

Lucas Rain: Excuse me?

SD: A twat. An asshole. A giant jerky dickwad.

LR: This is you not pulling punches?

SD: Those are polite variations on words I’ve heard used for you. Did you know there’s an I Hate Lucas fan club on Twitter?

LR: I do now.

SD: How does that make you feel?

LR: How do I feel about a bunch of strangers on a social networking site badmouthing me in 140 characters or less? I feel strangely unmoved by that.

SD: Most of the sentiments are #DieLucasDie.

LR: Lovely.

SD: Let’s get down to more serious questions. WHY are you such a twat?

LR: I am how I was written.

SD: Burn.

LR: *shrug* I don’t really think I’m as bad as you’re making me out to be. Do I kill people and kick babies? No. Do I beat up my girlfriend and piss on national monuments? No.

SD: So you’re saying you’re not the bad guy because you don’t do anything outright horrible. But I think my readers would argue that you can be really duplicitous when it comes to getting your way. They might even say you don’t play fair at all.

LR: What’s fair? I do what needs to be done, and sometimes it isn’t popular. But I’m not going to be everyone’s best friend. I’m a king. You tell me one monarch in history that hasn’t had to make tough calls and I will show you someone with a short reign.

SD: But you sometimes treat the people you’re supposed to love like they’re pawns in some master plan.

LR: Sometimes people need guidance to help them see what’s right.

SD: And sometimes people need to have surprise public proposals thrown at them to agree to marry you.

LR: Secret would have come around eventually. But I needed that to happen sooner rather than later.

SD: You sort of live by the idea that it’s easier to beg forgiveness than it is to ask permission, don’t you?

LR: I like to think of it as doing the right thing and then helping people come to terms with it after.

SD: Don’t you think it would be easier sometimes to just be up front with people and trust that they’ll do what’s right?

LR: In my experience people tend not to act on what their minds tell them, but rather their hearts. If we made every decision on an emotional or reactionary feeling, the whole world would fall apart. I have to use my head, and sometimes that means bypassing people’s feelings along the way.

SD: That’s cold.

LR: I’m not trying to make friends.

SD: What about keeping the friends you have?

LR: I don’t know that I have friends, really. I have people who have grown up around me, knowing the rules and laws of the same society. Those people might like me, and they respect my authority, but when it comes down to it, are they really my friends? Can someone be your friend when they know you have the authority to control their lives?

SD: Does that include Desmond.

LR: How can it not? Look at what’s become of our so-called friendship. All because of a woman.

SD: A woman you’ve clearly staked your claim on.

LR: She let me.

SD: Maybe.

LR: Any other questions?

SD: After Keeping Secret, a lot of my readers are wondering two things: can you redeem yourself, and will I kill you off. Any comments?

LR: I don’t know if there’s anything to redeem. I know I’m not going to come across as popular, doing what I did, but it was necessary. Secret will realize that, I hope. As for the latter… I’d personally prefer it if you didn’t off me.

SD: We’ll just have to see about that. Thanks, Lucas, for sitting down and chatting with the woman who holds your life in her hands.

You can reach Sierra and learn more about her and her books at

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Sierra has generously offered an ebook copy of Keeping Secret, the 4th book in the Secret McQueen series to a lucky commentator!

All you need to do is leave a comment for either Sierra or Lucas and let them know what you think of Lucas and his decisions (but please remain civil ;-)

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 20 July 2012!

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