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Guest post: The Bad Girls of Romance by Aleah Bradley + Giveaway

It is my pleasure to welcome to Ex Libris today Aleah Barley whose novel Too Hot to Handle was recently released by Entangled Publishing in their new Indulgence category romance line, which (grab your seats dear readers) does not feature a bad boy hero, but a bad girl heroine! So I asked Aleah to tell us a bit more about Honey, the heroine of Too Hot to Handle and of bag girls in general. Please give her a warm welcome and tell us who's you're favourite bad boy/girl character and you could win a copy of Too Hot to Handle!

The Bad Girls of Romance
by Aleah Barley

Everybody knows the Bad Boy Hero. Tall, dark, and disheveled, he roams shirtless through a thousand novel covers and is sure to be reformed by the end of your standard two and a half hour rom-com. I’m Aleah Barley, and my new book is called Too Hot to Handle. It doesn’t star a devilishly handsome Bad Boy—although the hero is enough to make your toes curl and your heart pound—instead, Too Hot to Handle is the story of LAPD detective Jack Ogden and Honey Moore the gun-shooting, car-stealing, fast-driving woman who captures his heart.

The tagline says it all: ‘He stole her heart, she stole his car.’

Honey Moore used to be a car thief. These days she’s reformed—even if the sight of Jack’s classic Dodge Super Bee makes her week in the knees. She’s a mechanic with her own garage, and despite running with a rough crowd she’s managed to stay out of trouble since her one and only stint in jail.

She doesn’t simper, giggle, or pout.

When the going gets rough (and by rough, I mean ‘an arsonist burns down her house in an attempt to kill her) Honey knows she needs help. Not wanting to put her family in danger, she goes to the one place no one would ever think to look for her: Jack Ogden’s apartment. After all, Jack’s not just the boy who broke her heart in high school, he’s also the LAPD officer who put her in jail.’

Honey’s done some bad stuff, and now that she’s trying to atone she knows she’s not perfect. She’s someone that the audience—even those of us without felony records—can identify with, and she’s the perfect foil for a by-the-book detective who needs to learn that there’s more to life than the job.

The Bad Boy Hero has slept with every secondary female character in the plot. He’s a heart-breaker who’s finally tamed by the love of a good woman. It’s a classic tale that’s been told time and again, from Bertram in Alls Well that Ends Well to Davy Dempsey in Jennifer Crusie’s spectacular Faking It. But, if I met a Bad Boy I’d probably be better off running in the other direction.

The Bad Girl Heroine on the other hand is a woman who’s time has come. It’s her turn to kick-butt, take-names, and forget about doing the dishes. She doesn’t need the love of a good man to redeem her—she knows her own flaws—but she’ll take it. And, when she finally falls in love she’ll do it the same way she does everything else: wholehearted, and never looking back.

So, who's your favorite Bad Girl heroine? Is it Kate from Taming of the Shrew? Or Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You? (To the handful of people who got that joke, I love you.) What about Jane from Victoria Dahl's Lead Me On?

And, don't forget the Bad Boys! They're still completely swoon worthy. Who's your favorite?

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Too Hot to Handle by Aleah Barley

She was playing with fire…

Honey Moore has made her pledge: no more stealing cars and no more lusting after Jack Ogden. But when an arsonist torches her house and chases her all over Los Angeles, she’s forced to throw herself on Jack’s mercy. No one will look for a convicted felon in an LAPD detective’s apartment, right?

…and he didn’t want to get burned

Jack doesn’t need a woman like Honey in his life. She might be sexy, but trouble follows her everywhere. But it’s hard to walk away from someone who lives at full throttle—and even harder to keep her safe. Now he’ll have to sacrifice everything to protect Honey from the arsonist determined to kill her.


Entangled Publishing has generously offered an ebook copy of Too Hot to Handle by Aleah Barley to a lucky commenter!

All you need to do is leave a comment answering Aleah's question: Who's your favorite Bad Girl or Bad Boy?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 12 July 2012!

Good Luck!

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