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Interview with Stacey Kennedy + Giveaway

Today I am happy to welcome back to Ex Libris erotica author Stacey Kennedy. You may remember Stacey stopped by last month to tell you about the first book in her new erotica/BDSM series: the Pact of Seduction series (you can read my thoughts about the 1st book in the series Bind Me here). Today I got to sit down and ask Stacey a couple of questions I was curious about. Please give her a warm welcome and you could even win a copy of her book!

Stella: Hi Stacey, welcome to Ex Libris! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Stacey: Thanks for having me back, Stella! Well, I’m a mom of two little monsters and have an amazing hubby. I love camping, hiking, canoeing and all that fun outdoors stuff in the summer months, so we’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather as often as we can lately. Other than that, I write…a lot!

Stella: Besides your urban fantasy/paranormal romance series you are also an erotica author, can you share how you got started? How and when did you decide you wanted to tell some BDSM stories?

Stacey: To be honest, I grew into writing erotica. I started out writing “sensual” love scenes and I guess I became more comfortable because my scenes got hotter as I went on. It wasn’t anything I planned, it just kind of happened. But I’m glad it did, because writing naughty stories is FUN!

Stella: Since you live the 2 sides of the coin, can you tell us how penning an erotica novel is different from writing UF/paranormal romance (even if they are sexy ones)? Do you do research, how do you get down to it?

Stacey: For me, the only difference is the depth to the scene. As an example, my UF romance books still have a lot of passion that drives the scenes, but typically a sex scene will be short and the detail I offer isn’t much. Plus, the words I use are not so naughty.

But in erotica or erotic romance, I draw everything out. So, every detail, scents, things the characters see and feel are all explained in great detail. Usually my erotic books have very long sex scenes. Sometimes they even tend to be a couple or more chapters.

So, simply put the length and little details are the difference.

Stella: Does your family, friends read your steamy books?

Stacey: A few of my friends do, but my family DOES NOT! And I’m perfectly happy with that. It’s not anything I encourage and I don’t mind that they have no interest to read the spicy things I create. That would just be an awkward conversation I don’t want to have. ;-)

Stella: Beg for It is the 2nd novella in your Pact of Seduction series, could you tell readers about this series, and more specifically what they can expect of Beg for It?

Stacey: The series is about four best friends who make a pact to fulfill their ultimate fantasies. Fun, right?!

In Beg For It, you can expect a sweet little love story, a bunch of tension, an emotional journey, hot—VERY HOT—love scenes, intense BDSM sessions, and one seriously hunky Dom.

Stella: In your opinion what 3 characteristics are the most important in a good Dom?

Stacey: Safe, sane and consensual – those three words make a good Dom. No matter what Dom I write, he will always live by those rules. The characteristics of each character will be different with how they work within those rules, but it’s always there.

Stella: And the 3 that make your heroine the perfect submissive?

Stacey: Same as the answer above. I start with those traits and build the characters around them. For me, it’s just a must in a BDSM story.

Stella: If you could have your dream cast who would play the characters in Beg for It?

Stacey: Master Kole: Brad Pitt (how he looked in Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Bella: Scarlett Johansson. She’s got just the right attitude to play the perfect Bella.

Stella: Can you tell us any behind the scenes secret related to either the Pact of Seduction series or Beg for It? (either to the writing process, or some tidbit about the characters, a scene that didn’t end up in the final version, etc.)

Stacey: Here is a secret: Kole might have never been. When I first thought up Bella’s book I had intended to write it as an f/f erotic romance. There was never supposed to be a hero in the story, it wasn’t going to be a BDSM book, and when I wrote Kole’s character I thought he’d remain a side character. Of course, characters go where they want and after a fight, I gave in and Bella got her Kole!

Stella: Do you remember the very first steamy/erotica novel you’ve read? Was it lust at first read or did you need more glimpses to get the hang of it?

Stacey: The first ever erotica scene I read was in The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice. It was a very long time ago and I remember my jaw dropping to the floor. Funny enough, after those books I hadn’t picked up another erotica novel until after I was published. Not sure why. I loved those books and still think they’re fantastic, but I never had the itch back then to read more.

Stella: What shall we expect from you, what is next on your schedule? Can you tell us a bit about the next Pact of Seduction books, when will they be available to us, impatient greedy fans to read it? ;-)

Stacey: In the Pact of Seduction series, Sadie is up next with Kyra not too long after. I wish I could say a release date, but at this point I can’t. I have quite a few projects on the go and not enough time to finish them all with summer being so busy. But I do hope that both books will be out soon.

Up next is The Cat’s Meow. A new urban fantasy romance series with a witch and a warlock, mystery, action, magic, and a whole bunch of sexual tension! Lots of fun!

Stella: Can you share with us some little secret trivia, something that not many people know about you?

Stacey: Well, something about me? I have four tattoos. My latest I got at the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans, and for anyone who read The Magical Sword series you will understand when I say I got a tattoo of Nexi’s tree.

Beg for It by Stacey Kennedy

Book 2 in the Pact of Seduction erotic BDSM series

The Pact of Seduction has one rule—fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Bella’s problem, she can’t live up to her vow. But her failure spins events that lead her into unknown territory. Kole, a Dom at the sex club Castle Dolce Vita, wasn’t part of her fantasy, but he’s about to show her he should have been.

Kole is more than willing to introduce Bella to BDSM since he’s held an interest in her for some time. But the feisty woman isn’t easily tamed and her strong personality proves to be difficult. While she might be determined to keep him at a distance, Kole has other ideas. He won’t allow her to shut him out.

A pact between best friends brought them together, emotional barriers tear them apart. Kole skillfully reminds Bella through pleasure and punishment that she is now his submissive, and her place is under his command.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements.

Stacey Kennedy’s erotic romance novels are just that…erotic. There is nothing better than taking the dominant men she loves and watching them do wicked things to their women. But she just can’t write without a little humor added into the mix so that’s always a must have in her stories. And of course what’s a story without a big dose of emotional characters, too. Her urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance eBooks bestseller lists.

Be sure to drop her a line at, she loves to hear from her readers.

You can reach Stacey at her website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.


Stacey has generously offered an ebook copy of Beg for It, Book #2 in the Pact of Seduction series to a lucky commenter!

All you need to do is leave a comment answering Stacey's question: What are you? A submissive or a dominant?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 24 August 2012!

Good luck!

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