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Book Review: In-Flight Delight by Francesca St. Claire

Title: In-Flight Delight
Author: Francesca St. Claire
Release Date: 6 June 2012
Number of pages: 52
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Source: ebook provided by publisher
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Amazon

Grade: 3 stars

Novellus bonus!
Goodreads appetizer: The in-flight attraction between flight attendant Liz and business class passenger Tom is immediate and explosive, so when Tom invites Liz to dinner she knows it’s for more than just a simple meal—seduction is on the menu. A one-night stand is something she never considered—until now. Dinner is good but the sex is phenomenal. Still, she’s surprised when an impromptu invitation for an erotic trip on his sailing boat follows their amazing night together. More days and nights of mind-numbing sex and, before she knows it, she’s lost her heart to him. She’s got his lust, but his love is what she truly desires.

My Thoughts: I love stewardesses, I agree with those who find their jobs glamourous and exciting, and though I know there are many drawbacks and in real life it must be tiring more than anything else, but in fiction I find them one of the most perfect jobs conducive to romance. So when I saw the blurb of In-Flight Delight I was game!

Sadly it didn't live up to my expectations, which due to its novella length of 52 pages weren't that high: I just wanted a sexy and hot quick read to entertain me for an hour or so. The problem is that In-Flight Delight aims much higher than that, and in consequence falls short. It wants to provide the reader with a passionate and powerful romance, steamy scenes and strong characters, but achieving only one of these in 52 pages would be a feat, and as expected with such high and unrealistic goals it didn't achieve any of them.

The story is told in first person, narrated by the heroine, which in my opinion wasn't the best choice. With erotica stories I find this kind of narrating usually a miss as it somehow makes the reader keep their distance from the story (I know that in other genres authors use this narrating technique exactly to make the reader feel included but somehow in erotica I find this too personal, too close to enjoy the story). Which combined with the fact that I couldn't warm too much to the heroine was a big strike against the story.

My main complaint against the heroine was that despite the story being told from her perspective I didn't feel we got to know her. She keeps stating to the hero that "she's not an easy lay", but then after their first dinner date they just attack each other. I felt her character switching from restrained prude to sex-kitten. One minute she is happy enjoying the mindblowing sex, the next she is entertaining rose coloured fantasies.

And that was my problem with the story: it vacillated between a steamy romp and a heartwarming romantic love story. And I think 52 pages were way too short to achieve a credible progress from one to the other.

Verdict: The whole seduction at the beginning happened in a whirlwind, everything was going too fast, there wasn't enough time to build up the tension for the release. The reader was thrown in without much preamble or laid groundwork, the middle was the most enjoyable part, as the end was so rushed that I was convinced there was still a chapter to conclude the story. In-Flight Delight could have been a much better story if it didn't want to tell a powerful, sweet AND sexy love story in 52 pages.  

Plot: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Writing: 7/10
Ending: 6/10- found the final conflict forced and it's resolution not serious enough
Cover: 4/10 - not really specific to the story

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