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Guest post by Allison Dobell + Giveaway

Today I would like to introduce you to Allison Dobell, the steamy author duo behind the latest erotic romance sensation: Alice’s Wonderland. One of the two Allisons stops by to share with us how it is exactly to be penning these scorching hot stories. Read on and you could even win a copy of Alice’s Wonderland! ;-)

The most surprising thing about writing about sex
by Allison Dobell

When I tell people that I write ‘hot’ romance, the reactions vary from squeals to groans to quizzical looks involving very high eyebrows. I’ve had friends, male and female alike, tell me they could never read my erotic fiction because it would ‘reveal too much’ of the workings of my brain. I’ve had friends, male and female, give me speculative looks, as though they’ve never really known me at all.

None of which is particularly surprising, and all of which makes me laugh.

For me, the surprising thing about writing about sex is just how unsexy it truly is. Don’t get me wrong, the results are hot, hot, hot. The emotions are strong. The fantasies… fantastic. But the nuts and bolts of getting there….well, that’s a different story.

I work hard at my sex scenes. I want them to transport readers. To make them feel like they’re right … there. Oh yes, there. Which means that I have to be right there.

I am on the edge of my seat, twisting this way and that as I write, making sure that what I’m saying is actually physically possible. I am thinking out loud, I am talking out loud, trying to work out whether a man saying ‘I want to see you fly’ pre-orgasm is deeply sexy or deeply hilarious (in that particular instance, deeply hilarious got the vote and the words were modified). I am constantly looking for new ways to describe feelings and emotions and … wobbly bits.

It’s a challenge and, as a writer, I love it! But sexy it ain’t…

Just ask my husband. As a mother of two who writes everything from a blog to magazine articles to books, I’m constantly busy. Many’s the night I’ve sat up into the wee hours, furiously typing on my keyboard, giving my characters the most amazing sex lives…. While my husband snoozes comfortably in bed. Alone.

Irony much?

Now that Alice’s Wonderland is on the shelves, I can relax a little. Maybe I’ll go and read some of those sexy scenes to my husband…

Allison Dobell is the pseudonym of two Australian writers – both Allisons (Dobell, get it? Double? Huh? Huh?! They’re nothing if not hilarious).

Find out more at Allison Dobell’s first novel, Alice’s Wonderland, is out now (Avon - Amazon - Kindle)

Alice's Wonderland by Allison Dobell

If you like Fifty Shades of Grey and Lisa Marie Rice, you'll love Alice's Wonderland.

When journalist and notorious womanizer Flynn O'Grady publicly mocks Alice Mitchell's erotic luxury goods website, the game is on. Determined to change his mind about sex toys and the people who use them, Alice decides to wrap her high-end silken blindfold over his eyes and teach him a thing or two. They soon find themselves locked in a game where Alice must step up the spice night after night as, one by one, Flynn's defenses crumble. To win, she must prove to Flynn that changing the routine, rather than the partner, can be the greatest adventure of all…

Buy at Amazon - Kindle


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