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Guest post by Codi Gary + Giveaway

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it doesn't matter if you have someone special to celebrate it with or not, we are all in the mood for some cute and sexy romances. Today's guest not only has written such a story but her novella The Trouble with Sexy is part of Avon's Valentine's Day Anthology, Kiss Me! So please welcome Codi Gary and you could even win yourself a copy of the anthology below! 

The Trouble with Sexy…Scene Inspiration
by Codi Gary

When I sit down to write a novel, I think about which scenes are going to be my “I can’t wait to write that” points. There’s the moment when the attraction hits: Kabamm! There are the funny scenes that build the characters. The conflict scene that brings about a major change in the hero/heroines relationship. The first startling kiss; the one that surprises one or both of them. And there’s the final declaration scene, when you know that the prince gets the princess, the barmaid runs off with the pirate, the duke marries the lady far below his social station…or the awkward nerd girl gets the mouthwatering man of her dreams.

But my favorite scene is the “there’s no turning back” scene. The one where the kiss gets out of control and it spills over both characters until their mutual hunger cannot be denied. (Oh yeah)

Right before I wrote The Trouble with Sexy, Gloriana came out with their hit “Kissed you Good Night” and I was in love with it. The picture in my head of this guy jumping out of his truck and running up to lay a passionate-can’t-get-enough-of-her kiss on his date sent chills through my body. That was a scene I wanted Ryan and Gregg to have…that almost missed chance, but something stops them. They turn around and do the thing they’ve been trying to talk themselves out of.

Here’s that scene for your enjoyment:

“He pulled his keys out of the ignition and got out, loping up the steps. Just as he hit the top of her porch she opened the door and stepped out. He’d meant to just give her a gentle peck, something to let her know he wanted her but still respected her. But her wide eyes looked glossy in the light from the house, and her lips glistened invitingly.
He couldn’t help himself.

Without a word, he reached for her and was surprised when her lips met his hungrily. He pressed her back against the wall of her house and lifted her up. Her legs and arms wrapped around him, his erection pressed snuggly against the juncture of her thighs. Her hands tangled in his hair as he supported her sweet little rear end with one arm, his other pressed against the wall for balance. He made love to her mouth, and their breathing became ragged and loud in the quiet stillness of the night.”

To get all the scenes of Ryan and Gregg’s romance, don’t forget to download Kiss Me: An Avon Valentine’s Day Anthology and happy reading!

Kiss Me: An Avon Valentine’s Day Anthology by Cheryl Harper, Codi Gary and Jaclyn Hatcher

Pucker up on the most romantic day of the year with three debut contemporary authors and their tales of romance, seduction, and Elvis?

She's got a hot new makeover . . . and a boss to seduce! For prim and proper Ryan Ashton, sexy has always been an elusive quality. But with a little help from a new friend, she just might snag the one man who can set her seductive side loose in Codi Gary's The Trouble With Sexy.

Stuck in a king-size suite with a sexy man . . . What more could a girl want? But for Julie Dillon, being snowed in at an Elvis-themed Memphis hotel with Luke Pearce can't mean anything but trouble. Too close for comfort gets close enough to taste in Cheryl Harper's Love Me Tender.

Her best friend's brother is shaking up her Valentine's Day! Katie Quinn just wanted to spend the day watching Jurassic Park and eating chocolate. She certainly had no intention of running into Logan Cross—or running for her life! Suddenly caught in the crosshairs of danger, Katie and Logan must get together to find a way out in Jaclyn Hatcher's Love, Guns, and Heart-Shaped Chocolate.


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