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Meet the Werewolves From Silent Cravings by Jess Haines + Giveaway

Urban fantasy lovers rejoice, today's guest brings with herself vampires werewolves, wizards and such! Please give a warm welcome to Jess Haines who stops by to introduce the characters of her latest novel, Silent Cravings, a spin-off of her beloved H&W Investigations series! Jess, take it over :-) 

Meet the Werewolves From Silent Cravings
by Jess Haines & E. Blix

Hello there! Jess Haines here. I write urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Stella has always been a huge supporter of my work, so of course I was thrilled to get the invitation to participate in her three year blog-o-versary!

If you’re familiar with some of the posts I’ve done for Stella before, you’re probably used to seeing my characters from the H&W Investigations Series snark at each other.

This time, I’ve got something just a little different. My most recent release, a co-written paranormal romance novel called SILENT CRAVINGS, features different characters. While you might see a few familiar faces from the H&W series, in honor of our new book, we thought you’d like to meet our werewolves.

All three Weres wound up stuck in New York with Royce and his coven of vampires: Analie because of a debt, and Christoph and Ashi because they got in over their heads. Now Christoph and Ashi have magic collars that prevent them from shifting, but they’ll get no help from Analie to escape. And here they are to tell you what they think of New York…


Analie: I love New York! Everyone here is totally crazy. There’s the biggest toy store in the world here and I know I’m, like, almost an adult but it was so cool!

Christoph: It’s... big.

Ashi: It smells.

Analie: And everywhere you go there are people selling food right on the street. Everywhere! This one time I ate three hotdogs in three blocks and then there was a guy with giant pretzels and I thought I was going to die if I ate one more thing, but you can’t really say no to giant pretzels.

Ashi: Does she ever breathe?

Christoph: The nightlife is interesting, I guess. I’m still getting my footing.

Analie: Central Park is amazing! You’re, like, walking down the street and it’s all concrete and drug dealers and then suddenly BAM you’re in the woods!

Ashi: ...with more drug dealers.

Christoph: You are a little ray of sunshine today, aren’t you?

Ashi: I didn’t agree to do this.

Christoph: I think we’re supposed to act like we know what we’re talking about. Might as well pick a topic we know. So, guys, what’s the best part of being a werewolf?

Analie: The freedom.

Christoph: Wow, rub it in.

Analie: Sorry! It’s true, though.

Ashi: Without these collars? The power and size to crush anyone who gets in your way.

Christoph: Which is attractive to Ashi because on a height scale from Oompa Loompa to Average Joe, his human form ranks around Munchkin Land.

Ashi: Don’t sleep too soundly tonight, Christoph.

Analie: Can’t you two ever get along?

Christoph: He’s a sociopath.

Ashi: He’s got his head so far up his ass he’s seeing daylight.

Analie: *sigh*

Christoph: But in all seriousness, being a werewolf is pretty great. Both Ashi and Analie are right—having the wolf’s spirit means power and freedom. Nothing compares to the rush of a hunt or running with your pack. Nothing is as important as defending your packmates in a fight and crushing your enemy. There is incredible honor and weight in everything you do. Being a werewolf and having a strong pack makes you unstoppable and part of something bigger than any human can imagine.

Analie: That...was beautiful.

Ashi: *rolls his eyes*

Christoph: And there are tits everywhere. No one cares about being naked after a big fight or a pack run. It’s great.

Ashi: Hell yes.

Analie: A-a-a-and the magic is gone.

Christoph: What?

Analie: Never mind. Anyway! The werewolves around here are really nice, but they’re all tiny compared to me, but what can you expect when I’m a friggin’ Goliath…

Ashi: Well, yeah. What else would we be with a pack name like that?

Christoph: Leader of the Lollipop Guild?

Ashi: When this interview is over, I will never stop hurting you.

Christoph: Yeah, yeah. Probably dress up in your skirt again, ri—

Ashi: It’s not a skirt!

Analie: Ahem! So. The vampires are nice, too! Well, most of them are. Like, Mouse and Clarisse are basically the best, but Wesley is kind of serious and I get the idea I kind of annoy him, but Angus seems really chill so I try to hang out with him but he does security so—

Ashi: Can we leave?

Chrisoph: We just got here.

Ashi: Screw it, I’m out. Chop me up into little pieces, have a pack of rabid vampires drain me dry, dip me in the Hudson until I dissolve—anything but listen to that child’s drivel.

Analie: Hey!

Christoph: Okay, yeah, I think it’s time to call it quits.

Analie: Ashi, you’re such a jerk.


Err. Being packmates doesn’t always mean being friends, I suppose.

Thanks again, Stella! And a very happy blog-o-versary to you!

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What’s a vampire to do when the werewolf she craves is playing hard to bite?

Mouse’s un-life has been hell ever since the vampire who turned her tortured her and removed her vocal chords. Mute, broken, and living as a house guard under the protection of New York’s most powerful vampire, she never thought she’d be able to open up to someone again.

Christoph comes from a werewolf pack that has hated and hunted vampires from the beginning. All the stories he’s ever heard have led him to believe that they are nothing more than savage, conniving demons.

And now he belongs to them.

Finding himself in the hands of a beautiful, heartsick vampire wasn’t on his to-do list when he came to New York. His mistakes have led him and some other pack members into indentured servitude, and it’s up to him to figure out how they can all escape. The question is—does he really want to leave?


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