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Guest post by Jackie Barbosa + Giveaway

You know how much I love sport romances, especially if they are steamy ones, so you can bet I put Jackie Barbosa's latest release Skin in the Game, the first book in her Play Action series on my to-be-read series and can't wait to read it, it sure sounds great! :-D So please give Jackie a warm welcome and don't leave without entering the giveaway at the end! ;-) 

The Allure of Sports Romance
by Jackie Barbosa

The tight pants. The hard bodies. The drama of winning and losing.

Seriously, what isn’t to like about sports in romance? They seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Especially, let’s face it, when the hero is a hot, professional athlete at the top of his game. After all, he’s rich, he’s famous, and he’s probably a little bit full of himself. All of which is going to make the fall when he realizes he can’t live without the heroine that much sweeter.

I might be dating myself here, but when I first started reading romance in my teens, I can’t remember that sports romance was a thing at all. There were lots of bosssecretary romances, lots of cowboys, and lots of epic historicals. Sports just didn’t come into it. And I suspect that was because, in those days (ahem), the assumption was that women, who were the target audience of romance, didn’t care for or understand sports and therefore wouldn’t be interested in reading about sports. Of course, that wasn’t true even then; women have never been so monolithic as that.

I certainly see this in my own family, which was very involved in auto racing. In fact, my parents’ first date was at a race at Laguna Seca, where my father was the crew chief for the driver who won the race. I grew up around racing and race tracks (and I’m probably a little deaf as a result of being around all those roaring car engines), and my mother was as passionate about racing as my father, so it never would have occurred to me to think sports weren’t a “girl thing.”

The growth in sports-themed romances over the past decade or so, therefore, pleases me immensely. Finally, there’s a recognition that women can enjoy sports just as much as men, and that an emphasis on a game like football or baseball or hockey in a romance isn’t an automatic turn-off to readers. If anything, for a lot of us, it's a turn-on.

And even for those of us who might not understand the ins and outs of the games themselves, there’s still the tight pants and the hard bodies. What’s not to like?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer when I grew up, but there were plenty of times when I wasn’t sure I ever would be. As it turns out, it just took me about twenty years longer to grow up than I expected!

On the road to publication, I took a few detours, including a stint in academia (I hold an MA in Classics from the University of Chicago and was a recipient of a Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities) and many years as a technical writer/instructional designer for a data processing company. I still hold my day job in instructional design, but my true passion is writing steamy romances–both historical and contemporary.

I learned to believe in love at first sight when I met the man of my dreams twenty years ago and to believe in happily ever after when I married him. I live in Southern California with my husband, our three children, and an ever-changing menagerie of pets.

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Skin in the Game by Jackie Barbosa

Book #1 in the Play Action series

When the competition’s this hot, someone’s bound to score.

Angela Peterson was always the quiet, shy kid growing up in Harper Falls, crushing on the high school quarterback and honing her football strategy skills. Now grown up and coaching the high school team, she’s shocked when that same sexy quarterback returns to Harper Falls asks her back to his hotel room. And then tries to steal her job.

Injured NFL quarterback Cade Reynolds is in Harper Falls to take over as interim head coach, and he never thought the tall, blond bombshell he propositioned would offer up any resistance. Not to a repeat of the amazingly wild night they shared and certainly not to his coaching position.

But the Harper Falls High Eagles are Angie’s team, and even the hometown hero won’t take that away from her, no matter how hot he is. As the two engage in a battle of wits and wills, this is one game neither is prepared to lose.


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