Sunday, 10 November 2013

And this week's winners are...

Hey Everyone!

It's soon the 2nd week of November and I am stunned, where have September and October gone? It feels like summer just ended and to see Christmas just around the corner is a bit of a shock. We had a wonderful fall so far: beautiful, sunny warm weather but with November the sun has deserted us: icy wind is here to announce the arrival of November :-/ ugh. Is it any wonder I'm not such a fan of the month? In my opinion there are only 2 things which work in redeeming November: 1) that pumpkin is in abundance (I just love the stuff!) 2) that Christmas is getting closer with every passing day! (huge Christmasaholic here!). So to cheery up the gray rainy days, here are this week's winners:

the lucky winner of an ebook copy of Enticing the Earl by Christie Kelley is


the lucky winner of a signed copy of Snowbound with the Soldier by Jennifer Faye is


the lucky winner of an ebook copy of Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London is


the lucky winner of any ebook from Sydney Somers' backlist is


Congratulations winners! I will send you all a notification e-mail by tonight, please get back to me within 48 hours or I will have to draw a new winner. Thank you.

There are still a lot of giveaways going on, just click on their individual links at the top of the blog.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :-)

What is it you love/hate the most about the fall months?

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