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Book Review: Sweet Deal by Kelly Jamieson

Title: Sweet Deal
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Release Date: June 12th 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Number of pages: 253 pages
Source: ebook copy purchased by reviewer
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Grade: 3 stars

Novellus bonus!

Goodreads appetizer:

The relationship is pretend. The chemistry…isn’t.

After her last job ended with a broken heart and a humiliating exit from the company, Shelby Leighton’s project management career is back on track with a new job and a high-profile project. The problem: her new boss is a little too friendly, and the staff is talking. Can you say, “déjà vu?” The solution: casually mention a fictional new boyfriend.

New problem: she’s expected to bring her new man to the upcoming corporate picnic. 

Jake Magill doesn’t do relationships. It’s casual or nothing, but the hot blonde he’s been eyeing at the coffee shop sure is something. Especially when she confesses her problem, and he finds himself offering to act as her date. 

Sounds simple. Stroll around the party with Shelby’s sexy curves clinging to his arm? He’s all over it. Until he meets her boss—the man who once stole and married the one woman Jake thought he loved. 

Now Jake’s the one with a reason to pretend. If only to save his own pride…and Shelby from the predatory gaze of the man who could ruin her, and any chance of finding out if their fake connection is the real thing. 

Product Warnings: Contains one desperate lady in need, and a pretend boyfriend who shows impressive dedication to nailing all—and then some—elements of his role. Oh my!

My Thoughts: Sweet Deal is another lukewarm romance novel in a long string of lukewarm romances I keep picking up lately I'm afraid. I don't know how I do it, but I just keep picking romantic titles that sound exactly like my kind of thing only for them to end up being kind of like my thing.

Sweet Deal is the second novel I read by Kelly Jamieson (the first one being Hot Ride) and again my thoughts on it are more or less the same: interesting story, full of potential, but the result is a book that could easily have been so much better. Because the potential is all there. The writing style is pretty good and fast paced. The characters are well developed and with a background (something that I really missed in Hot Ride) and the sex scenes are pretty hot. But still, I missed something. I found myself unable to fully connect with the main characters and their problems even if they were decently developed. More than once I thought that Shelby was overreacting (not on the sexual harassment matter mind you) while Jake was just too good to be true. I mean who on earth volunteers to help someone they don't even know the way Jake did for Shelby? I mean one minute they are introduced and the next he volunteers to help her out of a difficult situation. And not only that but he starts caring for her way too easily for a man who just doesn't do relationships. Like I said, too good to be true.

Did I enjoy reading Sweet Deal? Sure. I had a good time while reading it despite the number of times I rolled my eyes at things but in the end of day, Sweet Deal is hardly a story I will remember for long. It's been a week since I read it and I already have a hard time remembering details to compose my review. So even if I did enjoy it in overall, sadly it's one of those books that I will forget as soon as I reach its last page. And it's sad because there was the potential for a mind blowing book if for nothing else but the romantic scenes Kelly Jamieson writes. But no matter how good they were, they didn't manage to make me really care for the characters and their happily ever after. Or move past the fact that the story was as cliche as one could get in a romantic story. I mean it was so predictable that I knew what was coming chapters before.

Verdict: Sweet Deal was a sweet romantic story that one will really enjoy reading but won't remember for long. It's similar to a whole other romantic stories out there so if you're searching for a mind-blowing story just search elsewhere. If you just want to have a good time with a book, then Sweet Deal is just the book for you! You will enjoy yourselves while reading it, that's for sure :)

Plot: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Writing: 8/10
Ending: 6/10
Cover: 8/10

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Order of the series:

Book #1 - Hot Ride
Book #2 - Sweet Deal

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