Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Let It Snow Books Event Winners!

Hey Everyone!

We know it took us a little bit longer than usual to announce the winners of the Let It Snow Books event, but we had such a great time during the Holidays that we wanted to prolong it a bit :P (And then real life began again with work and everything.. you know how it is always in January...)

We would like to thank once again all the wonderfully generous and kind authors who joined us during these weeks of festivities, who shared with us some of their most memorable holiday stories, recipes or just took part in the fun. Thank you all, we loved having you!

And thank you to you readers, we hope you had a great time, enjoyed the posts and thanks once again for your patience and bearing with us!

And now without further ado, here are the lucky winners of the giveaways:: 

Winner of Kimberly Kincaid's giveaway is Beverly DeeAnjello
Winner of Ros Baxter's giveaway is JenM
Winner of Jennifer Shirk's giveaway is Cindy Gibson
Winner of Jeanette Grey's giveaway is Yadira Alonzo
Winner of Diana Quincy's giveaway is Babel Td
Winner of Kathryn Barrett's giveaway is Robin Bromiley
Winner of Katie McGarry's giveaway is Angie
Winner of Sarah Castille's giveaway is Natasha Donohoo
Winner of Alison Packard's giveaway is Cheryl
Winner of Christine S. Feldman's giveaway is Mary Preston
Winner of Brighton Walsh's giveaway is Michelle Ponce Mazuros
Winner of Stacy Gail's giveaway is Lori Harvey
Winner of Robin Bielman's giveaway is Marissa
Winner of Gina L. Maxwell's giveaway is Nurmawati
Winner of Amy Andrews' giveaway is erinf
Winner of Jax Garren's giveaway is Glenda
Winner of Jessica Scott's giveaway is Justine
Winner of Christi Barth's giveaway is Ada Hui
Winner of Tamara Morgan's giveaway is Jonetta Ejaygirl
Winner of Karen Erickson's giveaway is Kim Pinch
Winner of Robbie Terman's giveaway is Eva Millien
Winner of Victoria James' giveaway is Ana
Winner of Jennifer St. George's giveaway is Linda Larsson
Winner of Jennifer Estep's giveaway is Linda Townsend
Winner of Julie James' giveaway is Brigi
Winner of Nadia Lee's giveaway is Maureen Carol
Winner of Katie Porter's giveaway is Sue
Winner of Amanda Usen's giveaway is Shari Drehs
Winner of Sydney Somers' giveaway is Donna Simmonds
Winner of Jillian Stone's giveaway is Anita

Congratulations winners! We have sent you all an e-mail notifying you of your win, please get back to us within 48 hours or we'll have to draw new winners. Thank you and we can't wait to start planning again! ;-)

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