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Book Review: The Principle of Desire by Delphine Dryden

Title: The Principle of Desire
Author:Delphine Dryden
Series: Book #3 in the Science of Temptation series
Release Date:December 9th 2013
Publisher:Carina Press
Number of pages:106 pages
Source: ebook copy provided from NetGalley for review
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Grade: 2 stars

Novellus malus!

Goodreads appetizer: 1 Sexy Switch + 1 Nerdy Newbie = A Master Class in Seduction

After several years as a submissive, psychology lecturer Beth is eager to experience being on the other end of the whip for a change. When she meets sweet but socially awkward Ed at a party, it’s obvious the aerospace engineer is interested—and obvious he’s way too vanilla.

When tracking down a friend lands him in a BDSM club, Ed’s eyes are opened to a whole other world—and a whole other side of Beth. Then Beth’s former Master shows up, and Ed agrees to play along as her sub in exchange for a real date. The biggest surprise of the evening? How much he enjoys letting her take control…

Beth’s ex makes it clear he wants her back, but she needs more from a relationship than he can offer—and not just the freedom to explore her switch side. At first Ed is just an enthusiastic student. But the more she gets to know him, in and out of the bedroom, the more Beth wonders if he’s everything she desires…

My Thoughts: The Science of Temptation series by Delphine Dryden is a constant roller coaster of emotions of a series for me. I absolutely loved the first book in the series, felt disappointed towards the second but still, I was beyond eager to read the final (?) book in this series. The Principle of Desire though, disappointed me once more I'm afraid. And here I have to clarify, that even if it was way better than the previous book in the series, still, it wasn't even remotely as good as the first one was...

All three books share the same idea, they are quite short, straight to the point and with a plethora of naughty scenes to satisfy even the most demanding reader. On the plus side, each book explores a different kind of submission and a different dynamic between the three main couples. But despite all that, The Principle of Desire failed to impress me. Granted, it was better in my opinion from the second book in the series, but still I had many problems with it.

Let me clarify. My first problem was the characters and their lack of background or development. Granted, this is a rather short story but still, some development is bound to be expected. Especially when one of the main characters goes from completely ignorant to the BDSM scene to a willing participant in such a relationship. If that is the case, then yeah, I kind of expect him to show some development, to watch him learn how things work and observe his emotions towards the process. Something like that not only did never happen but Ed is one of the most blurry characters I have ever read. And by blurry I mean that I can't remember him at all. I don't have a picture of him in my head and I can't remember even a single thing about his character. His sole purpose in this novel was to follow Beth like a puppy and obey her every command.

Beth on the other hand is a character I couldn't connect with throughout the whole novel. She obviously hadn't moved on from her ex and the way she kept thinking about him while she was with another man threw me off a bit. It's not that I disliked her but I didn't like her either. I just couldn't make myself care about her...

The plot was typical and without many surprises, it was quite obvious where things were headed and even though I liked the dynamic in Ed and Beth's relationship and how different it was from the typical Dom/Sub relationship, still, the story couldn't hold my interest. The sex scenes were well written, no big surprises here, even though the whole pegging thing..., not a big fan here, but that's a matter of preference, clearly :P

Verdict: The Principle of Desire couldn't live up to my expectations I'm afraid. Even though I liked it more and found it better written than the previous story in the series, still, I faced a number of problems while reading it. The Theory of Attraction is by far the best book in a series that after a great start, just turned out to be a mediocre one.

Plot: 5/10
Characters: 4/10
Writing: 7/10
Ending: 5/10
Cover: 8/10

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Order of the series:

Book #1 - The Theory of Attraction
Book #2 - The Seduction Hypothesis
Book #3 - The Principle of Desire

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