Sunday, 9 March 2014

Books Coming This Week

Hello fellow book addicts everywhere in the world! How was this weekend? Are you ready for yet another busy week that's about to start? Bookwise, this week will be considerably less busy, especially if you think the mass releases of the previous two weeks. My budget really needed that small reprieve :P

An Heir of Uncertainty by Alyssa Everett
Mine to Crave (Mine, #4) by Cynthia Eden
Slam Dance with the Devil (Demon Rock, #2) by Nico Rosso
Aftershock (Afterburn & Aftershock, #2) by Sylvia Day
Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas
Breathe You In (Sweet Torment, #1) by Joya Ryan
Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski
Just One Night (Sex, Love & Stiletto, #3) by Lauren Layne
Kissing in Italian (Flirting in Italian, #2) by Lauren Henderson
Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8) by Patricia Briggs

Off the Record (Record, #1) by K.A. Linde
Perfect Catch (Boys of Summer, #2) by Sierra Dean
Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland
Resistance (Replica, #2) by Jenna Black
Ruins (Partials Sequence, #3) by Dan Wells
Sky Raiders (Five Kingdoms, #1) by Brandon Mull
Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule
The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier
The Shadow Prince (Into the Dark, #1) by Bree Despain
Power Play by Danielle Steel

This week the title that has really caught my attention is The Shadow Prince. Bree Despain's newest series sounds exactly like my kind of story! And I know that many of you can't wait to read Night Broken and that only reminds me that I'm terribly behind on so many great series!

What are you going to buy from this week's releases/

Just let me know in your comments :)

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