Friday, 14 March 2014

Introducing: Things I Love Friday!

Hey Guys and Girls!

I know things have been a little quiet and sporadic at the blog, I totally blame real life: with an existing but demanding job, a loveable and huggable but even more demanding boyfriend there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day/week to find time for everything. Sadly my reading-time has greatly diminished as well since a big part of my commute is spent daydreaming and people watching. ;-)

And although real life is busy, with Anna we both miss the blog and are not ready to give it up, so here is a brand new feature we would like to introduce: Things I Love Friday posts!

I usually love reading personal posts on blogs, getting to learn more about the blogger and their every day life, so this will be our corner of the blogosphere where we'll just do that. :-)

So here is our first edition and I'll go first :-)

Source: Dan Smith

Things I love:

  • spring is here!! The weather is warm, the sky is azure blue and trees started to bloom!
  • lots and lots of sunshine! Can't get enough of it :-D
  • soon (I mean probably tomorrow) I will finally exchange my winter coat and boots for a trench and some flirty ballerinas ;-)
  • my high school best friend is pregnant, love hearing about all her pregnancy news and can't wait to meet my little BFF-niece ;-p
  • my brand new fresh & flirty spring lipstick: Ravishing by MAC, which is the perfect shade of coral-pink apricot
  • I started doing yoga again (had to take a few months off after a tendon injury), and loved how energetic I was after the class
  • started reading Claimed by the Rogue by Hope Tarr, the story is just delicious: a man returns after spending 6 years at sea to finally claim the love of his life, who believes him dead and is about to marry another!
  • my little goddaughter just turned 5! Can't believe how much she has grown up *sighs* So tomorrow we'll celebrate her birthday with lots of pink and balloons and delish cake ;-)
  • getting a "have a great day hon" hug and kiss in the morning before leavingfor work
  • that it's Friday and in a couple hours the weekend will officially begin! :-D

Ok, I'll stop now, will have to leave some stuff for next week ;-) lol

So what things are you loving this Friday? 
Tell us, and have a lovely weekend everyone! :-)

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