Friday, 21 March 2014

Things I Love Friday #2

Hey Everyone, we are back!

And since it's Friday it's no surprise that we are in a jolly good mood ;-P

Things I love this Friday:

  • I will spend the weekend at a wellness spa with my high school bestie and my bf :-D
  • it's Restaurant Week: yesterday we sampled a fun Thai restaurant with the bf and Saturday we're looking forward to another fancy and delicious meal,
  • the weather is splendid! Seriously it is as warm as if we were in June with 22 degrees C! :-)
  • soaking up the sun on a bench in the park
  • waking up ahead of the alarm and having the time for a quick episode of Fringe to watch in bed before going to work
  • Two and a Half Men! Discovered it some weeks ago and we are addicted! So funny :-D
  • in-your-face-bright colourful tulips, don't they just make you smile?
  • bananas cooked in coconut milk with lime juice, yum!
  • pomegranate lemonade with lime and fresh mint
  • hugs!
 And ending on that note, wishing you all a great weekend! :-)

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