Friday, 4 April 2014

Things I Love Friday! #4


Another week flew by and it's almost time for us to enjoy the weekend, and you know what that means: Things I Love Friday post!

So here are some things I love this Friday:

  • had my hair cut and now I feel all fresh and ready for the warm spring weather, (don't you just love how bouncy and perfectly sexy your hair looks after a professional blow-out? I can't do it to look half this nice, so usually I don't even try)
  • oh and it was a balm for the soul visiting my hairdresser: she kept going on and on about how much I look like Monica Bellucci, and since I consider her an incredibly sensual and beautiful woman, that was a compliment that was great to hear ;-)
  • we'll go away for the weekend to visit my boyfriend's parents, and while there we'll go to the zoo and have a spa day as well :-)
  • participated in my very first escape game last weekend, it was fun, we'll sure do it again (for those of you who don't know what these are: they are the new IT thing: where a team has to solve puzzles and riddles using logic of all sorts to find their way out of a room/maze)
  • had a quickie BFF date with one of my high school best friends, it's incredible how fast the hours go by when we get together to chat and laugh :-)
  • my little sis is back from Congo where she researched her thesis, can't wait to finally have a lengthy chat with her to hear about everything she has seen!
  •  we resumed watching Dowton Abbey with my mom and it is addicting! I'm running low on sleep after having watched it until well past midnight...
  • started wearing my thin spring trench coat! Now it only needs to be a bit warmer...
  • just love how selfless my bf is when it comes to feeding me: he insists on sharing his food even when I don't want to eat all of it from him
  • my lovely new pendant and necklace I got as a surprise from Boyfriend :-)

So wishing you all a great weekend, and what are you loving this Friday?

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