Friday, 30 May 2014

Things I Love Friday! #12

Hey Everyone!

Another week has gone by and there was so much work to be done at the office, that the weekend couldn't have come soon enough! Sadly as soon as Friday rolled around the sun disappeared so it's grey and chilled, brr. So here are this week's things I'm loving this week:
  • flying away to Istanbul next week for a mini-vacation, counting back the days!! :-D
  • receiving a cute chocolate heart from Bf  :-)
  • my sis was visiting for a week and we made plenty of programs: went to get some foot massages, ate tortilla wraps, drank beer and got some facials among many other fun stuff :-)
  • sleeping in! Each morning I woke up way ahead the alarm around 6-7am and can't wait to sleep longer;
  • buying sunscreen. Makes me feel as if summer vacation was just around the corner. And reminds me of summer afternoons spent outside in our garden, reading magazines in my bikini :-)
  • apartment hunting. I feared it would be tedious, but the Bf & I are enjoying it a lot. Seems that we found The One *fingers crossed*
  • getting my new cards. Makes me feel all adult, to be able to hand out cards to business partners, lol ;-P
  •  I'm planning on trying out some new dessert recipes this weekend, can't wait to bake away and then munch on the treats while watching a movie;
  • cranberry tea;
  •  the lovely dark purple/fuchsia geranium my grandma gave me that is on my desk (see photo below) (we recently moved offices, that's why my desk is still visible and not hidden under tons of papers ;-)
Wishing you all a restful weekend! :-)

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