Friday, 9 May 2014

Things I Love Friday! #9

Hey Everyone!

Another week has gone by and tell me about it! It was an extra busy week after last week's long weekend, it felt like I was away for a longer vacation so many tasks have piled up.

But it's finally Friday so let's see what makes me happy besides the obvious that weekend is just around the corner ;-)
  • bright nail polishes! I'm rocking Rimmel's Kate Moss collection in Hip Hop, which is a bright lighter tomato red creme polish, instant mood booster!
  • cute puppies! Met my godmother yesterday and we walked her new dog, she is just a few months old and so adorable. She didn't give up wanting to climb up in my lap to get closer for a hug :-D
  • my little sister is coming for a week-long visit, we are planning to have plenty of programs like attending a cooking class, a ballet recital, an escape game and many other fun stuff,
  • Pizza night with the boyfriend in a spectacular little peninsula overlooking the river. Fingers crossed it won't rain and we can sit outdoors.
  • bright and fresh, sweet juicy strawberries! This year it seems like strawberry season came early (I remembered June being Strawberry Month), but anyway one of my colleagues got us a big plate of beautiful strawberries as a surprise and they were amazing!
  • receiving a surprise candy bar, cheesecake slice, marzipan balls and chocolate from the Bf "just because" :-)
  • Chuck! We've been watching it lately and we already finished season 2, and I'm loving it more and more. Love the series' humour and how adorable and warmhearted the main character is.
  • fresh salad with ruccola, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and parmezan. Mmm :-)
  • guacamole dinners
Lol can you see quite a few of the things that make me happy are food related? Guess I'm hungry and it shows ;-)

So what are you happy about this Friday?

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