Friday, 6 June 2014

Things I Love Friday! #13

Hey Everyone!

Actually I am far far away on a mini vacation so I had to write my list in advance, but that does not mean there aren't plenty of things making me happy this Friday. See for yourself what makes me giddy this week:
  • spending 4 days in Istanbul, Turkey! I've been there when I was a teen with my family and LOVED it! The people were so friendly, the sights were mesmerizing and the food delicious! I couldn't wait to be back and now we'll rediscover with Boyfriend the majestic and spellbinding city that Istanbul is :-) So be aware, this list will be heavy on Turkish things ;-)
  • packing! I just love packing before leaving, all that excitement! (unpacking is a whole other story, I hate it ;-/ )
  • visiting a Turkish bath
  • the bazaar! can't wait to buy scarves and spices and anything else I won't be able to resist
  • boat trip on the Bosphorus
  • all the delicious Turkish food and baklava!
  • mosques and minarets, don't they look like a palace from a fairy tale?
  • This is the 13th Things I love Friday! 13 is my family's lucky number: my dad, my sis, my god-daughter and her sister were all born on the 13th and it's Boyfriend's birthday as well :-) I've had plenty of exams on Friday the 13th and always went to it believing it will bring me luck, and it did! 

 Have a great weekend everyone! Where would you travel if money wasn't an option?

I would love to visit New Zealand, and Central and Latin America (Peru, Argentina, Brazil), Indonesia, Vietnam, and I could go on :-)

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