Friday, 13 June 2014

Things I Love Friday! #14

Hey Everyone!

I am back from Istanbul, had a blast,saw so many beautiful sights, bought some wonderful scarves and Aladdin lamps and spices, but of course as this was more of a "let's see as many places as we can cram into our 3.5 days", there was not much time for rest. Well, I'll get some rest next weekend, I'll just have to survive until then ;-p

So here are the things that brighten my days this week:
  • day long board game parties with friends;
  • eating huge bowls of fruit for breakfast! I just had a mix of cherry, sour cherry, red-currant and kiwi bowl :-)
  • sundresses! Love that getting ready in the morning got so simple, I just slip on a dress and a pair of sandals and I'm dressed!
  • slurping fresh lemonades at outdoor bars on week nights with friends;
  • weddings! Tomorrow I'll be attending the wedding of one of my ex-colleagues and can't wait to share in the happiness of the bride&groom and dance the night away :-)
  • on Sunday I'll fly off to visit my family for a short few days;
  • planning summer vacations even though I just got back from one ;-P
  • fruit sangrias! I'll make this one during the weekend. And this one looks mouthwatering as well, will have to make it next time I'm having guests over.
  • shopping for kitchen appliances. Can't wait to browse the store for citrus press, waffle maker, etc. fow my new apartrment! :-)
  • the fact that the sun goes down around 9:30 pm and we can enjoy the day that long! yay!
 And what are your weekend plans?
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

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