Friday, 20 June 2014

Things I Love Friday! #15

Hey Everyone!

Wishing you all a sunny Friday and a great weekend! :-) Thankfully it's right around the corner so only a few more hours to get through ;-)

I had an incredibly busy week: last Saturday attended a friend's wedding, slept 2 hours before leaving for the airport, spent 2 days with my family then once again got up at the crack of dawn to fly back home. Then I spent a whole day (running on about 5 hours of sleep only) trying to renew my driver's license and ID, so it was a hellish day and started work the next day. Can you say oompf? So yes, I've been counting back the days (what days, hours!) till the weekend so that I could get some rest and sleep. Can't believe it's almost here!

So these are the things that I love this Friday:
  • my bright firetruck red peeptoes with a bow! They are so cheery and cute, make me smile every time I glimpse them;
  • buying lots of cherries and sour cherries at the farmer's market and looking forward to baking something with them during the weekend;
  •  buying healthy aluminium salt-free deo. I've wanted to switch to a greener and healthier product and this one smells great due to the lemongrass and basil combo, hope it will work well;
  • a friend recommended to me Paula's Choice cosmetics and I ordered a bunch of samples to try out, I'm always so excited when trying out new things :-)
  • spending a relaxing weekend at home. At least that's the plan...
  • hearing the wind ruffle the leaves of the trees outside my window;
  • salty caramel sauce. Be it on ice cream or toast, with fruits dipped in it or just by itself with a spoon, it is delish! *yum*
  •  spending summer nights with my best friends until night falls sitting on the porch and drinking wine and chatting the hours away;
  • surprising Boyfriend on his return from his parents' after a 3 day-long separation;
  • flowers! The brighter the better :-D 
So what are your plans for this weekend? And what were the things that made you happy this week? :-)

Source: Sally's Baking Addiction

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