Friday, 4 July 2014

Things I Love Friday! #16

Hey Everyone!

Sorry, last week/weekend was a bit hectic and I completely forgot to make a Things I Love Friday post, but here we are again, and hopefully summer is in full swing wherever you are!

Here are the things that make me happy this week:
  • summer sunshine (do you know the song by The Corrs? I loved it when I was in university),
  • fruity cheesecakes;
  • celebrating my friends' birthdays (tomorrow will be one of my high school best friend's b-day),
  • pool parties! Never been to one, but I've been invited to a pool birthday party later this summer, and I can't wait! :-D
  • rhubarb pie! I just love how tart that fruit is, I especially love it paired with vanilla or caramel.
  • going on a mini shopping trip with my mom this weekend;
  • family BBQs,
  • nonstop Scrabble matches - until now only my family was playing it but in the past week both my best friend and the Boyfriend got a taste and became addicts! Now I have at least 10 online games on my phone playing with sis, mom, friends and Bf! :-D
  • summer weekends: they just make you smile, the possibilities are endless: go for a walk, or spend the day lounging in the garden reading a mag and sipping a lemonade? Oh yes, I think that's how I'll be spending tomorrow's afternoon :-)
  • roses. Got a small pot of roses which I placed on my desk at work, it is of a colour between  apricot and pink, and always makes me smile when I get a glimpse of it.
So what are your plans for this weekend? 
Are you leaving on a holiday or spending the days at home relaxing? Either way, have a great time! :-)

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