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Book Review: Deadly Décisions by Kathy Reichs

Grade: 3 stars   

Novellus Bonus!

Goodreads appetizer: Nine-year-old Emily Anne Toussaint is fatally shot on a Montreal street. A North Carolina teenager disappears from her home, and parts of her skeleton are found hundreds of miles away. The shocking deaths propel forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan from north to south, and deep into a shattering investigation inside the bizarre culture of outlaw motorcycle gangs -- where one misstep could bring disaster for herself or someone she loves. Kathy Reichs? astonishing bestseller pulses with cutting-edge scientific know-how -- and the narrative power of an award-winning crime fiction star.
My thoughts: I realized that there are some books for which I can't write a normal length or detailed review as they either didn't provoke that much thought from me, or I just don't have too much to comment. So from now on I introduce the "Mini Review".

Just as an introduction to the whole Temperance Brennan series:

As the majority of all those who read this series I also picked it up because I'm a huge fan of Bones, and wanted to read more of the Bones goodness. I saw quite early that the heroine of the books had only two things in common with the protagonist of the TV series: they were both called Temperance Brennan and they shared the same occupation, but beside these 2 you couldn't find two persons more different. Just to name a few as examples: the Tempe in the TV series is in her early 30s, while the book Tempe is over 40. The series Tempe was abandoned and had no family until recently, she is closed off and doesn't have too many friends, while book Tempe had a husband, has a daughter, sister, nephew, many friends and she is friendly and easy with new people. Anyway I won't detail this any more, you get the picture. You have to consider these books completely separate from the TV series or else you will be disappointed.

Deadly Décisions is the 3rd Temperance Brennan book. I confess I didn't enjoy the first book in the series that much, found it dragging and a bit slow, thought the second was an improvement, the plot was more interesting, but with this third there is no doubt Kathy Reichs' writing got better! The long scientific blabla is not boring and dull anymore, the story flows much more easily. I hope this tendency will continue and the 4th book will be even better.

Plot: 7/10
Characters: 6/10
Ending: 7/10
Writing: 6/10
Cover: 4/10 (the new covers and especially the UK cover are much nicer than this one I have.. :-/ )

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