Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Traveling Through Tuesday (#3)

Traveling Through Tuesday

Do you like to read books that set in a certain city, state, or country? Do you ever find a town in a book that just calls your name and you can't wait to tell someone about it?

This fantastic new meme was Jen's idea from Crazy for Books and is hosted by Lori over at Lori's Reading Corner.

This Tuesday I am 

delving into the magical underbelly of Atlanta!

I have never been to the South of the US, and so I've only read about the humidity, the scorching heat, the lush vegetation and the monsoon-like rain.

Though I assumed as a big American city it would have its share of skyscrapers, I still imagined Atlanta to have mansion looking houses and wide lanes.

I found these photos when looking up Atlanta and its architecture, cityscape:

Atlanta in 1907:

Photo from Wikipedia

"In 1907, Peachtree Street, the main street of Atlanta, was busy with streetcars and automobiles."

And nowadays:

It came quite a long way, didn't it?

And where are you traveling this Tuesday?

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