Friday, 2 April 2010

Book Blogger Hop (#2)

Another week has gone by and it's THAT time again! What time those who are still new might ask, well Hop-time! Head on over to Jennifer from Crazy for Books to sign up and wander to other great book blogs and don't forget to spread the love and leave comments, we all love them! :-D

So if you are new to Ex Libris I hope you'll have a good time here and will come back, I'll make some cakes I promise (check out the Sunday Treats section just to see what I'm capable of ;-) lol).

You can also find Ex Libris on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter.

And just a little FYI: right now Ex Libris has 45 followers, once I pass the magic 50 mark, there will be a giveaway! *wink wink*

So enough talking, off to hopping! ;-)

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