Saturday, 17 April 2010

New commenting system

Hey Everyone!

I have to admit that right after I saw the new cool Intense Debate commenting system over at Choco's blog (in which a girl reads) I tried installing it but it didn't work, it wouldn't allow any comments to be posted, so I gave up. But after seeing it pop up on more and more blogs during the last few weeks it nagged at me, so I asked for help (*cough* harassed *cough*) from a couple of very nice and helpful bloggers who had the Intense Debate feature working on their site to help me, and TA-DA! It works now!! /Thank you Martha for your simple and useful explanation and thanks Natalie for your quick reply!! :-)/ 

So please comment away and I'll be able to reply to each one of your comments separately (and you'll also advertise your own blog at the same time, isn't it cool?).

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