Monday, 17 May 2010

Ex Libris presents: Book Bloggers Anonymous!

Hi, I'm Stella, and I'm a shameless bookaholic.

My addiction is something I'm very proud of and cherish, and I plan on continuing to feed it for a long long time! That's why I joined Book Bloggers Anonymous.

What is Book Bloggers Anonymous (or BBA as we like to call it affectionately) you might ask. It is a cyber book club for fellow book bloggers who share the love of reading, blogging and discussing books!

But who are the blogs and anonymous people behind BBA?

Steph from Paper Cut Reviews (BBA is her baby, meet the Creative Mastermind behind this amazing initiative!)

Beth from Maybe Tomorrow? (Event Coordinator, she's the one in charge of our social calendar, for any appearance requests, invitations, please contact her)

Amanda from Not Really Southern Vamp Chick (in charge of our Daily Frisson /as the French would say/)

Ky from Can't Find A Bookmark (in charge of Orientation, you don't find something, just ask Ky)

Chas from Livin' & Lovin' Life In The 808 (Fun Organizer& Party Staff Member - it's hard work, but someone's gotta do it)

Steph and Athenna from Paranormal Haven (in charge of Eye Candy, the poor girls spend countless hours casting presentable men, what, you thought those six packs just appear by themselves?!)

Aly from Fantasy4Eva (Head Cheerleader - need some support or just a friend to feel better? Aly is the one you should chat to)

Jo-Anne from Strange Candy Reviews (Lollypop Provider, we all need our sugar dose to stay this happy and sparkling ;-p)

Natasha from A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation (Tour Coordinator, again, regarding appearance requests please contact her)

and if you haven't already guessed, I'm a not-that-anonymous member too:

Stella from Ex Libris (aka Me!) (part-time Sunshine Commitee Member - welcoming new members and making them feel right at home, full-time Daily Smile Provider)
So we are the BBA.
Each month we will read a book (chosen by our blog readers) and discuss it on our blogs and in the BBA Goodreads forum.

The BBA is unique as to how it works: it's like a great combination of a book tour and a book club as each month an other blog will host the event and the book discussions.

For the first BBA event our hosts will be Stephanie and Athenna at Paranormal Haven, please help us pick the book to read in June, head over to Paranormal Haven and cast your vote in the poll! 

Everyone is welcome to join the BBA Goodreads Group where we will post the discussions and all things that have to do with the BBA.

As Steph the founder of BBA said:
The true reason behind these two groups is to share, connect and discuss through great books:) So please support these groups to make it a success!

If you are interested in joining the tour or being a BBA blog please email me:

Hope to see you over at the BBA Goodreads Group and please cast your vote as to what you would like us to read for June at the poll on Paranormal Haven.

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