Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bloggiesta Update #2 and Wrap-up Post

Today I was able to do a lot of the tasks I have put on my list, the only problem is that 1) of course the ones I still haven't done are the ones I have been keeping putting off.. meet the Procrestinator Queen.. 2) reading through all the great posts and tips, I added at least twice as much to do, so there will still be some improvements to be done at the next Bloggiesta. But overall I'm quite content, I achieved a lot, and if I had the whole day on Saturday I could have done everything. Oh well, next time! :-)
Here is what I've achieved (from my initial to-do list):
  • De-cluster my sidebars Done (though I couldn't delete a lot of expired contests as winners have not been announced yet, will do that progressively)
  • Add the blog buttons of those blogs I love to my sidebar Done
  • Re-organize my Google reader, de-subscribe of those blogs which I don't read that often Done (from 283 blogs on my Google Reader now I only have 215)
  • Write up my missing reviews, complete my notes, make a draft version of reviews
  • Sort through my blog related e-mails and write back to those e-mails I put on "Task list" Done
  • Edit my review policy page Done!
  • Update my reading challenge lists Done (wow, this one took me so long, but now I will only have to update the list since I've taken care of all the formatting and compiling, phew!)
  • Prepare the author interviews I have been putting off, never having the time
  • Work on my future "Top Secret Special Event" Done
  • Put out invitations for guest posts Partially done
  • Update my wishlist, add new wishes Done! phew this took me ages!!

And a few additional tasks I decided on doing along the way:

Flashbacks I read:

Aim for Bloggiesta: 12 hours

Worked today: approx. 9:20 hours
Worked yesterday: approx. 5:30 hours

In total: 14:50 hours

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