Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sorry for disappearing, I'm alive!

Hey Everyone!

Yes, I'm still alive, haven't been sucked into a black hole even if you might have wondered...

I'm sorry for disappearing for this past week, things have been pretty busy and crazy. Thankfully the flooding didn't cause any major problems only kept us busy for days, trying to clean up the basement and make sure it didn't do any more harm if it happened again, then there were some pretty intense storms over here and for most of the week I didn't have internet at home (thankfully it is resolved now), THEN (yes, if it wasn't enough), my laptop crashed :-( so I was laptop-less for this week, could only get online at work, and of course my time and what kind of sites I could visit there were pretty limited.

So sorry for this lengthy radio-silence and for not commenting on your blogs, I tried to keep up and read when I could steal a few minutes at lunch breaks, but couldn't do any blog posts and really progress with my big "Reply-to-all-unanswered-e-mails" campaign as I would have liked to.

So I'm really sorry for not getting back to you yet, I'm trying to reply to everyone and sooner or later I'll get there, until then please excuse me and thank you for your patience and your kind words and messages!! Sending you virtual hugs and I hope you had a great weekend! :-)

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