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Spotlight on Thrillers: Guest post by Melissa on her favourite thriller novels

To kick off the very first "Spotlight on" week I would like to welcome Melissa from Spellbound by Books as my first guest this week.

To those of you who don't know Melissa yet, let me tell you about her in a nutshell:

Melissa is a 25 years old newbie book blogger (she and I started blogging around the same time in February), she is mom to a very cute little boy named Cruzito, she is the mastermind and creative force behind the Once Upon a Time Project, she is my official blog buddy and she has such a beautiful blog that you should definitely go and look around! :-)

Without further presentation I give it up to Melissa.

Hi, I would like to talk to you about how I got to read thrillers and which one are my favourite reads in the genre

My very first thriller/mystery/suspense (Crime Thriller) I ever picked up was Body Double by Tess Gerritsen which was recommended to me by a a lady at the bookstore. I realised towards the end of this book, I had picked up book 4 in the Maura Isles' series, so I went back to the bookstore and bought every book in the series and started reading from the beginning. The first book was The Surgeon. The only thing was I was having trouble reading it at night because it was pretty gruesome and I ended up having nightmares, so I knew these were awesome! I soon bought her other books which included Bloodstream, Harvest, Life Support, Gravity and The Bone Garden, all Medical Thrillers. I moved on from there to Karin Slaughter's Grant County series. Blindsighted, was the first book in that series and it reminded me alot of Tess Gerritsen's Maura Isles' series. I pretty much devoured each of these books hungry for more!

The thing I liked most about these genres, are that they are fast paced and action packed. There's always that sense of urgency while reading, and the pressure is on the main character/s to find out what's going on before the inevitable catches up with them.

Thrillers can, and usually do, have sub-genres that sometimes make it hard to pick one main genre. Most Thrillers have mystery and suspense all throughout the story and vice versa. I think the ones that stand out for me the most are the crime, psychological and horror. Crime usually includes what I've mentioned above. Psychological thrillers include Malice by Rebecca James (which also falls into YA), In The Woods by Tana French, Along Came A Spider by James Patterson, Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. Most of which I've read and recommend! The Horror Thrillers are interesting and probably stand out the most for me. The Face by Dean Koontz, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and my favourite by far Afraid by Jack Kilborn.

These are genres to check out and read if you haven't done so already. There will always be one that's suitable for what you all like more often than not.

blog: Spellbound by Books
Twitter: @Meeka21

Thank you Melissa, I'll take some notes and add some of these titles to my TBR list, I'm always up for a good thriller :-)

And you dear readers, tell us how you discovered the thrilling universe of mystery/suspense/thriller/crime novels. What are your favourite books in this genre, what books would you recommend?

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