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Spotlight on Thrillers: Guest post by author Roy McConnell + Giveaway

Today I would like to welcome Roy McConnell, author of the fascinating newly published novel Mind Walker, who tells us about the thin line between genres and we will also get to know what XGenre Thriller means...

Cross Genre (XGenre) novel Mind Walker
by Roy McConnell

I published my first novel Mind Walker in September of 2009. There is an old saying, “You are what you eat.” For me my novel Mind Walker is what I read. I have always been an eclectic reader of horror, sci-fi, thrillers (all types), biographies, fantasy, and memoirs. I even recently reviewed my first Erotica book for another author, if you don’t count magazines. Most of my best story ideas come from listening to music. The premise for Mind Walker came to me one evening while listening to a Pink Floyd CD.

One of the problems I’ve had with Mind Walker is determining its genre. In the end I labeled it a thriller novel. However, the word thriller is quite generic and doesn’t say much about the book. On a recent Blog Talk Radio show, I said my novel is more like a Cross Genre or XGenre because it includes: suspense, action, romance, thrills, and even a thread of sci-fi. The host thought that the closest thing to Cross Genre was the term—Mainstream Fiction. I like “XGenre Thriller” better.

As I wrote Mind Walker I made a conscious decision to not restrict the story line to a specific genre. I also guarded against aspects that I dislike in other books, such as too much description and extra scenarios that seem to drag out the story for no apparent reason. As the novel unfolded through its many iterations of writing and editing it took on a life of its own. The main premise remained, however: a romance between the two main characters developed, a battle between father and daughter erupted, an extraterrestrial being appeared, many layers of deception created unexpected twists and turns; an action packed, gripping thrill ride took the reader from British Columbia to the Caribbean, and to New York City for the story’s climax

One of my author reviews says it best:

Roy McConnell’s Mind Walker is an electrifying thriller that captivates the reader from page one and doesn’t let up until the climactic ending. The story is taut with plenty of plot twists, evil villains, and supernatural intrigue. The compelling main characters are written with heart and soul and make the deadly cross-country adventure a joy to read. Dean Koontz fans will love the high-intensity suspense of Mind Walker. The fast-paced writing is on par with bestselling authors and is sure to put Roy McConnell on the radar as one of today’s up and coming thriller writers…

Brian Moreland, author of Shadows in the Mist.

For more than four hundred years, the males of the Ostermann family have unleashed their secret power on the world, destroying lives and amassing great fortunes. But five centuries prior, the first woman to inherit the identical gene as the males foretold that another female would be born with the same power. It was she who would stand against the madness of the Ostermann reign. No one knew when she would come…until now.

In present-day British Columbia, Wolf Ostermann rules his exotic estate with an iron fist. Ostermann has no son to continue his family legacy, so if he and his family are to maintain their economic grip on the world, Wolf must indoctrinate his reluctant daughter, Tara. Unfortunately for Wolf, Tara will have nothing to do with him anymore, and that doesn’t bode well for the tyrannical megalomaniac.

Now on the run, Tara and ex-CIA operative Chris Landry must battle for their lives as they ultimately realize the tenacious reach of her father’s powerful mind—and the evil it unleashes on all of humanity.

Bursting with raw emotion, Mind Walker combines action and suspense in a nonstop ride from the landscapes of British Columbia to the Caribbean Islands, and ends in a chilling climax in New York City.

Thank you Roy, Mind Walker sure sounds intriguing!

If you would like to get to know more about Roy or Mind Walker check out his official website.

You can purchase Mind Walker either through Roy's website (which lists all the direct links to Amazon and other bookstores) or from the Book Depository by clicking on the button below:

The BookDepository

And now time for a giveaway! Roy has kindly offered to give a copy of Mind Walker to one lucky commenter, it's open worldwide, so comment away!

The rules:

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2. Leave a comment/question for Roy
3. Leave your e-mail so I can contact you in case you win

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Giveaway ends on June 27

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