Friday, 11 June 2010

WANTED: Steampunk recommendations!

I am a newbie to steampunk, I only discovered it in February thanks to book blogs. I even remember where I saw it first: at Larissa's Bookish Life blog, in the about me section Larissa listed the genres she liked to read and my eyes widened when I saw "Steampunk" in there. Had no idea what that meant, so of course my first move was to go and check out the so reliable wikipedia and thanks to it I knew at least what the expression stood for. But still I had no ideas what kind of novels were in this genre.

Then after stumbling upon again and again on some praising reviews of Soulless I considered that maybe I should check out this book if everyone agrees it is extraordinary and the writing is stellar. So now I have


on my TBR shelf.

But what other exceptional, truly amazing steampunk novels should I add to my wishlist?

Please help me out oh you all-knowing wise bloggers, this newbie needs your help to get a proper introduction to Steampunk!

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