Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spotlight on Paranormal Romance: Guest post by author Donna Grant + GIVEAWAY!

Today I have the pleasure to welcome paranormal romance author Donna Grant, author of many paranormal and fantasy romance novels, her latest series (The Dark Swords series) is about three fearless Scottish warriors - but of course there is more than a pinch of paranormal element in the story ;-)

So please welcome Donna and scroll down for the giveaway details.

Good vs Evil
by Donna Grant

The recurring theme of good versus evil shows up in movies and books quite often. There’s a reason for that, I believe. It begins with the choices we make and the circumstances we find ourselves in daily. Every decision, every path we take could take us to good or evil ends.

In FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER, the second in my Dark Sword series, it’s about good versus evil. Evil has many forms. To some it could be the co-worker who never shuts up, or plays their music to loud in the next cubicle. It could be the neighbor who won’t mow their grass. A “friend” who sabotages everything we do. Or it could be the person out to do you physical harm.

I wanted the “evil” part of my series to be truly wicked. There’s something about knowing someone has aligned themselves with the devil that gives me the willies. And it fit with what I needed in my series.

So just how evil is my villain in FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER? As a Druid she’s given a choice to continue on the path of true magic or undergo a ceremony where her soul is given to the devil. Of course, she chooses the evil path, and she’s then able to control black magic making her a formidable foe that is nearly unstoppable. Her goal? To rule the world and have all men bow before her.

She knows just how to put people in circumstances that will leave them no choice but to align themselves with her or risk those they love. Her black magic combined with her ever growing number of allies puts her in a position to attain everything she wants and more. There’s just one thing in her way – a small group of men and women who will do anything to stop her. No matter the costs.

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER to a commenter. Happy Reading!

To find out more about me please visit my website at http://www.donnagrant.com/. To read more about the Dark Sword series, see pics of the Warriors, take the quiz, download wallpaper, or search characters, please visit www.donnagrant.com/darksword.



You can buy Dangerous Highlander (book #1 in the Dark Swords series) and Forbidden Highlander (book #2) at the Book Depository:

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