Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Guest Post by Tatyana Varenko author of Ordeal + GIVEAWAY

Today I would like to introduce to you Tatyana Varenko, the rhyming author of Ordeal, a unique and extraordinary paranormal novel told in verse all through its 212 pages!

You can read my review of Ordeal here.

It seems that Tatyana even breathes in rhymes, so I will cede her the scene to tell you about herself and her writing.

Who's Tatyana?

Tatyana's birth as human being
Took place in 1982,
In June, when weather was appealing
And sparkling with the morning dew.

As she grew up, too shy by nature,
Her friends were Pushkin, Dante, Wilde
Who wrote of love and of adventure -
She dreamt of the vampire kind.

As time went by, she took to versing
When she got hardly over ten,
And life was constantly coercing
Tatyana to employ her pen.

The Foreign Languages Department
She joined in 1999
Served as a very good incitement
For her verse writing to refine.

Then the first sketches were laid out,
When she was drawing to 18,
Ordeal began to come about
To lighten up her dull routine.

Now she's working as a teacher
Training her students' English skills
That her department has to feature
And help acquire in the drills.


What can I say about writing?
It is a motion of a soul.
It is so pure and exciting
To be in process all alone.

It’s been my way of relaxation
Forever since I can recall.
Writing brings thrill and fascination
In words intended to enthrall.

My world

My world’s a realm of fairy-tales and dreams
With raging passions and heroic deeds,
At the disposal of too changing winds,
With nothing quite the way it truly is.

This kingdom has no boundaries of thought,
It’s guided by emotions and by mood
And art is worshiped there quite a lot
Because its value will remain for good.

You can read more about Tatyana, Ordeal and what she's currently working on at her website.


Tatyana has generously offered 4 copies of Ordeal to lucky readers of Ex Libris!

3 eBook copies are for followers worldwide, but if you live in the US and would prefer to be entered for a paper copy, please say so in your comment.

Giveaway is open worldwide, ends September 1.

To enter:

1. You must be a follower of Ex Libris
2. You have to become a fan of Tatyana over at Goodreads
3. Please comment/ask a question/say something (meaningful) to Tatyana below
4. Leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!

You must do all 4 to be entered!!

For extra entries you can spread the word (Twitter, Facebook, blog sidebar, etc.). You'll get +2 for every place you post (please leave direct links or else you won't get the extra entry).

Thank you, and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Good luck! :-)

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