Monday, 23 August 2010

Where I have Been + In My Mailbox (#20)

Hey Everyone! :-)

I disappeared again for a few days but fear not, I will tell you all about my escapades, so sit down and get comfortable, a personal post is on its way ;-)

Sorry for the late posting but we went away for the weekend and I only got back late Sunday night and had a pretty busy day at work today. And if that wasn't enough the last 7 or so days were preetty busy. Wanna know why? Well because it was my birthday on August 20th (yep, I passed the big quarter of a century mark, and became 26 years old, thankfully I do not feel old - despite my childhood best friend's hysterics, who turned 26 a month ago - lol :-D), and spent all last week meeting with friends, going out for drinks and chats, going to the movies and of course collecting presents :-D

Furthermore my birthday is public holiday in Hungary (the equivalent of 4th of July in the US): it's a bank holiday, everything is closed, no work and fireworks at night, just for me! (kidding :-D well that's what my parents used to tell me when I was a kid). So I had a wonderful 3 day-long weekend, full of rest, doing nothing, sunbathing and reading, playing boardgames at night with my sisters and stuffing myself with the birthday cakes my sisters have baked. :-) 

I hope you had an equally wonderful weekend, and now let me show you all the great books which found their way into my mailbox last week :-)
In My Mailbox
is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren

Books I have received for review last week:

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta (thank you Marta for the vote of confidence and sending me a copy even though I don't live in Antarctica ;-) lol)

Beautiful malice by Rebecca James (have heard great things about this one, I'm really curious to read it, so thank you very much Rebecca!!)

Books I have won:

Some Girls Bite from Kate @ YzhaBella's Bookshelf
(already read this one over the weekend and can't wait to read the next books!)

Crimson and Steam from Velvet @ vvb32 reads in her Steam Pink events

Sherlock Holmes Handbook @ vvb32 reads at her Mansfield Park Mystery (this one looks really cool)

Blue Diablo won from Moira Roberts

So that's what was in my mailbox this week, and what was in yours?

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