Saturday, 4 September 2010

Who wants to win a Kindle?

You may remember the very cool and fun Zoe Winters, author of the Preternaturals novellas when she was here for an interview and giveaway of her books at Ex Libris, well guess what! Her 3 novellas (Kept, Claimed and Mated) are being released in a print omnibus called Bloodlust and in celebration Zoe is holding a fantabulous contest!!

She is giving away a WiFi + 3G Kindle to a lucky winner! And if Bloodlust gets into the top 25 in the overall Amazon Kindle store, Zoe will give away a SECOND Kindle!! Woow!

To read the details and how to enter the giveaway, go to Zoe's blog.

Ready, steady, let's pimp Bloodlust!!

Buy Blood Lust in paperback from Amazon:

 or in ebook from the Kindle store: 

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