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Spotlight on Urban Fantasy: Guest post by author Jess Haines

Today I have a great surprise for you: Jess Haines, the über-cool author of the H&W Investigations series (or as some may know it The Others series) made it possible that *cue in infomercial jingle* only now, only here and only for you, I can welcome the H&W Team at Ex Libris!! Woohoo! So take a seat and just listen to Shiarra and co. take it away :-)


By Jess Haines

Hello there! Jess Haines here. I’m the author of the new urban fantasy HUNTED BY THE OTHERS.

Stella has kindly invited the cast over today to talk a little bit about themselves and to tell you (without spoiling!) some of what’s coming in the next book, TAKEN BY THE OTHERS, coming January 4, 2011 by Kensington. Thanks for having us, Stella!


Shiarra: Jeez, I don’t know what to say without telling people what happens. Anyone have any bright ideas?

Chaz: Nope.

Royce: You could tell them your thoughts on what it was like to be caught in a tussle between two vampires. I suppose some people find that sort of thing interesting.

Shiarra: You just want to hear me talk about you.

Hunted By The OthersRoyce: I do admit it’s amusing to listen to you attempt to justify your fear of me and my kind. I’ve yet to do anything to deserve your sour looks, Ms. Waynest.

Shiarra: Don’t get me started, Mr. Ohh-you-could-be-young-and-beautiful-forever-creepy-pants-vampire.

Chaz: What? What are you talking about?

Shiarra: Nothing. He was being gross. And joking. I hope.

Royce: Hardly.

Chaz: We’re going to have a talk after this interview.

Shiarra: Oh, great.

Arnold: How about you talk about the White Hats? Jack’s back in town, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a little publicity for his organization.

Chaz: I don’t like the idea of promoting a group that’s out to kill my kind. They can kill the vamps all they want, though.

Royce: I don’t appreciate your tone, dog.

Shiarra: Will you two knock it off? I think I can tell them a little bit about the White Hats.

Sara: Most of them are nuts, but in a good way.

Shiarra: Not really. Breaking into my house to ask me at knifepoint to join their cause and then later showing up at my office to hold a gun on me and ask me to join their cause doesn’t exactly inspire fuzzy-bunny feelings where they’re concerned.

Sara: Er, right. Maybe working with them isn’t such a hot idea…

Shiarra: Yeah. They don’t like anything with fur or fangs. They’re okay with mages—

Arnold: “Magi”—not “mages”. Mages sounds like something you put in stew. I am not for stew!

Shiarra: Whatever. So Jack swung by to tell me that I was going to be in the middle of some kind of pissing contest between Royce and this asshat, Max Carlyle. He wanted me to pick sides between the two vamps and the White Hats.

Royce: Max only sought recompense for his losses. I imagine I might have done the same had I been in his position.

Shiarra: By trying to kill me?

Sara: By kidnapping, murdering, and torturing innocent people?

Chaz: By turning into a James Bond villain and framing the good guys for his dirty deeds?

Arnold: I thought he was more like Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. He had that criminal mastermind thing down pretty good.

Royce: Perhaps I would not have gone to such dramatic lengths as he did—

Taken By The OthersChaz: Yeah, instead you would’ve turned her into a vamp to save her from a vamp. Real smarts there.

Shiarra: Uh, ew? Can we not talk about that?

Sara: I’m trying and failing to picture you as a vamp.

Arnold: I’m picturing you with a cheesy Transylvanian accent going, “I vant to suck your bloooood. Oh, ewww, I got blood on me! Get it off!”

Chaz: Ha! Good one.

Shiarra: Sara, can I please punch your boyfriend?

Sara: Not right now.

Shiarra: Damn.

Royce: Can we return to the topic at hand? All I’m saying is that I can see the reasoning behind his actions, however misguided they might have been.

Shiarra: Okay, you want to know why I’m afraid of vamps? That. That right there. Do you even hear yourself talk? Max was psycho—and you understand his reasoning? That’s freaking creepy.

Royce: I assure you, Ms. Waynest, if I truly wanted to frighten you, I have far more convincing methods.

Sara: Okay, I’m with Shia on this. Creepy vamp needs to stop talking now.

Shiarra: I don’t know what scares me more. Working for crazy vamp hunters, or working with the vamp they’re hunting.


What do you think, folks—would Shia be better off working with the vamps or the vamp hunters?

Thank you Jess for organizing this interview with your characters, knowing them, it couldn't have been easy finding an available time and date and getting them all together... As always, it was hilarious to get a glimpse into their discussions, thank you! :-)

For more information on Jess, visist her official Author's site or blog.

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