Friday, 10 December 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline! :-)

Today is a special day: it is Caro's (or as some of you may know her: pattepoilue's - the incredibly funny and sweet blogger behind One Book Away From Heaven) Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday Caro!! :-)

Here is what I have planned for your birthday:

When at 7am you hear some quiet noise, don't burrow under the pillows, because this song is for you!

Then once you have woken up completely, get out of bed, go and open your door: outside your room you will find a small package, open it and put on this T-shirt while you go out in the city, that way everyone will stop and wish you a very Happy Birthday and you'll get some complimentary candy too :-D

But before leaving home have a somptuous breakfast: how about a fat slice (or two) of this yummy pecan nut-mocha-chocolate cake with a frothy mochaccino:

Then in the evening when it's time to take your bath or shower, tonight I would opt for a hot bubbly bath, I think the hotness is ensured with this surprise that will wait for you in the tub:

And when it's time to go to bed, don't worry, you won't get cold there either:

I hope you'll have sweet dreams dear Caro! :-)

I wish you lots of joy and happiness Caro, always remain the kind, sweet and very funny person you are, I'm so glad I got to know you! :-)

Hugs and kisses and enjoy your gifts, because after midnight I want them back! ;-p lol

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