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Spotlight on Romance: Guest post by Janna from E-Romance Reader

Tonight I would like to introduce you to another great romance blogger I just recently discovered, but whose blog is always a fantastic source for great romance recommendations and insightful reviews. Please give a warm welcome to Janna from E-Romance Reader

A huge thank you to Stella for asking me to post on her blog today. When she asked me to be part of her “Spotlight On” feature I was much honored. She suggested I tell you about how I started and why I read romance and which kind of romance novels I like.

Let’s start with the start. I have always been an avid reader but not of the romance genre. Nope, decent girls don’t read trashy books, now do they? ;) All I ever read was literature - with a capital L, mind you. *g* Until two years ago (yeah, I’m a late-flowering girl), when I randomly picked up an inexpensive book because I was looking for a quick and easy read in the airport of Dublin for the flight home. It happened to be a Harlequin Blaze pocket (or actually a Mills and Boons Blaze)! Boy oh boy, was I in for a hot ride ..uh.. flight. I was traveling alone and sitting next to a guy from around my own age, and when the first steamy scene presented itself I became very self-conscious and aware of the possibility that someone would read over my shoulder with me. But very soon after that, I didn’t hear or see anything that was going on around me. The story was that compelling. And that’s exactly what draws me to the genre in general: The escape it gives you and the instant satisfaction on an emotional level that you get during the reading. Every time I want to escape for a while I pick up a romance, preferably an erotic romance.

And with erotic romance I mean all sorts of romances that have a steamy touch to it. I think it’s a matter of terminology what you call erotic romance. Some may think it’s the same as erotica, but I don’t agree with that. For me the romance part of the story is as important, if not of more importance, as the erotic part. Sure, I occasionally read a book in which it’s all about the sex, those books are fun too, but I tend to rate them lower because I miss the romantic story line. The same goes for romances in which the sex proverbially takes place behind closed doors. I enjoy these stories too but not as much as the ones in which the two elements are more balanced.

Tied Up, Tied Down: Rough Riders, Book 4The first book that I read in this genre and that wasn’t a Harlequin Blaze story, was extremely hot (and romantic). It was Tied Up, Tied Down by Lorelei James. I stumbled on this book when I was visiting New York. *You see, in my country – the Netherlands – you would never find these kind of books in a regular bookstore*. Lorelei James is still one of my favorite writers. After I discovered her work in July of 2009 I happily bought her complete backlist. And fortunately, that was long, plus she has written many more steamy books since. Her cowboys are so incredibly sexy! If you want to know what I’m talking about you should definitely check out her Rough Riders series! :)

Tigers and DevilsThese days I’m reading a lot of male/male romances. It’s (for me) a thrilling variant in the broad spectrum of subgenres that Romance has to offer. There’s something so very, very endearing about two guys falling in love. And there’s something so very, very sexy about two guys kissing (and doing more hot things). This subgenre also has its number of erotic titles, but just like the male/female genre, it has a lot of not so sexually explicit titles. One of my favorite m/m romances is in fact one in which the smexing takes place off screen: Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy. This is such a funny, engrossing and heartwarming love story about coming out, I can highly recommend it (especially to readers who are new to this subgenre).

I could go on and on about my favorite genres and writers and books and series, but I think I’ve bored you enough *for now*. ;) My blog is evidence to the fact that I can’t stop talking about this subject, and I’m very happy that it gives me the opportunity to share my love for both the hot and the sweet books that I like to read and review.

I hope I also succeeded a little in conveying my (fairly new-found) love for Romance today!

Thanks and hugs, Janna

Erotic Romance Reader Janna

You can find Janna and read more about the books she is passionate about at her blog E-Romance Reader Janna and on Twitter.


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