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Spotlight on Romance: What to get Him for X-mas? - Guest post by Brindle Chase + Giveaway

Since Christmas is fast approaching and our stress level is elevating (don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about: are you already done with your Christmas shopping? Do you have an idea what to get everyone?), today I offer you some great help. Lilith is here to offer you some suggestions on what to get to your other half for Christmas, and who should know what men want better than a succubus? So read on, who knows maybe you'll get some gift inspiration :-)

What to get HIM for Xmas

Hey all. For those who don’t know me, I’m Lilith Templeton, but please, call me Lil. Some of you might know me as the lead character from Brindle Chase’s Gothic City Lights. Brindle asked me to talk to you today about what to give your man for Christmas.

What are my qualifications? Well, I’m a demon of the deadly sin of lust—a succubus. Well, half blooded, but still. When it comes to what men want, I’m somewhat of an expert, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

What Brindle? Right. But we’re talking about under the tree. Like most women, you probably draw a blank every year when it comes to getting what he wants. You ask and he grunts out “Nothing” or worse, “Anything is fine”. Not much help is it? So you look at all the manly items available at the stores, wondering, what the hell does this do? And does he already have one?

Well let me save you some trouble. There are some things all men like. Trust me, I know. The obvious is sex. If the guy you’re shopping for qualifies as a lover, consider saving some money and giving him sex coupons. No, really. Coupons redeemable at any time for specific sexual favors. But please, if you do give him those, don’t flake out later. And don’t give him too many or they lose their power. He’ll love knowing he can get some when he really needs it.

Be creative. Make some for different positions and activities, but maybe even different locations. Maybe a sex coupon for you to visit him at work for lunch in a skirt, without panties on. Get the idea?

Maybe one is only valid after midnight, until 5am. And toss in some things you like too. It’s a gentle way to give him the hint, if there is something you enjoy, but he hasn’t picked up on it yet.

Another idea is taping yourself doing a striptease or even something naughtier and burning it to DVD for him. Obviously this takes a fair amount of trust. But if he’s worth it to you, he’ll worship you for this gift!

A photo album of you in various provocative poses will also score big points. In today’s digital photo age, it’s easier and safer than ever to put something together for him. Imagine applying your scrap-booking skills into something he’ll drool over!!!

Ok, so maybe sex isn’t an option for you. That’s a shame if you ask me. Is there anything better than sex? But anyhow… So, if sex isn’t an option, here are some good ideas and some ideas to avoid.

Avoid these items. He’ll smile, thank you for them, and even use them when you’re looking, but trust me, he will resent it.

• Socks (yeah, he probably needs new socks, but resist giving them as an X-mas gift)

• Ties (same as socks. Would you really want him to pick out your shoes? Don’t pick out his tie.)

• Gift Certificate (unless it’s to his favorite store, which means, not the store you think is his favorite. If you don’t know, work it out of him. Sex is useful for that as well.)

• Clothes in general are a bad idea.

• Movies you’re not 100% positive he wants.

• Watches (see above regarding ties)


Try things like these instead:

• Sports Jersey from his favorite team. Do not get a numbered jersey unless you are positive of the number of his favorite player.

• Power tools. Be sure it’s one he doesn’t already have, or is at least one he needs to replace.

• Games. Most guys love video games. If you have a console, get a first person shooter if he doesn’t already have one. Call of Duty is a good place to start!

• Home Improvement projects: If he’s the handy type, buy a lighting fixture, or a new faucet… give him all the items needed to do a project. It doesn’t sound like a present, but the handy guys love it, especially if it’s for his office, den or man cave.

• Hunting equipment. This is hard because hunters are very picky about their equipment, but if he’s the outdoorsy hunting type, they can always find room for another knife. Think big. A knife size is as important to him as you know what! When he goes hunting with his buds, he’ll want to whip out his huge, gigantic, manly knife to show who’s the real man. Try a bowie, tanto or survival non-folding knife with minimum of a 7 inch blade. Think Rambo or Crocodile Dundee. Make sure the blade is minimum 440 stainless steel. 420 is not good enough. Anything less is cheap Chinese steel.

And my last bit of advice, if I can’t convince to be a little bit naughty this year, is to think about anything and everything he’s said this year. Has he shown interest in a show? A product? Movie? Music? If he has, that is what you must get him. Guys are worse than women about asking for things. The real things they want. Because they are usually embarrassed by the cost or the content and afraid to ask. Be careful, because if you’re not sure, then it’s best to not get him something he mentioned offhand. But if a tool commercial has come up and more than once he’s said something like “That’s really cool” or “I gotta get me one of those”, then that’s the present you want to get.

Well, I wish you all the very best in your shopping experiences. Do consider my first advice. I know my boyfriend is going to get a lot of naughty presents… but then, I’m a succubus. It’s expected.

The Paranormal Erotic Romance tales of Lilith Templeton are available from Loose Id in the full length novel, Gothic City Lights by Brindle Chase.

Thank you Brindle for sharing Lilith's advice, it was quite insightful... :-)  And now for the giveaway:


Brindle generously offered one lucky commentator a PDF copy of Gothic City Lights.

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Artwork by Christine Griffin, used with permission

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