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Fairy tales retellings... Without the damsels in distress! by Lila DiPasqua + Giveaway

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Today I have the pleasure of welcoming another fantastic historical romance author at Ex Libris, one who not only has kept and cherished her love for fairy tales well after childhood, but reinvented them in some steamy, spicier version.

You have always loved fairy tales and princes ever since you were little? And now as a grown up you enjoy your fair share of sensual or smutty scenes in your novels? Well it seems the retold fairytales are for YOU!

So please give a warm welcome to Lila DiPasqua!


Fairy tales retellings... Without the damsels in distress!
by Lila DiPasqua

The Princess in His BedI’m so excited to be here and talk about my latest release, THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED (next in my Fiery Tales series)! I’ve taken three classic fairy tales: The Emperor’s new clothes, The Ugly Duckling, and The Princess and the Pea, renamed and retold them---quite scandalously, in fact---in “The Marquis’ New Clothes”, “The Lovely Duckling,” and “The Princess and the Pea”.

Yes, dearest readers, you get one historical romance novel with three hot historical bad boys:

Adam de Vey, Marquis de Nattes (The Marquis’ New Clothes)

Joseph d’Alumbert, son of the Duc de Vernant (The Lovely Duckling)

Mathias de Tesson, Marquis de Montfort (The Princess and the Diamonds)

But I’m afraid I don’t have any damsels in distress in the book. Nope. Not a one. The ladies in my book are “strong- minded heroines you can relate to” (Fresh Fiction). These heroines may not be damsels in distress, but at times they are damsels without their dress. *winks* (Sorry. I just couldn’t resist. hehe) I did I mention the heroes are “breathtaking carnally gifted male leads” (Fresh Fiction). Right?

Awakened by a KissAhem…Yes, well, carnal talents aside, my sinfully seductive rakes are offered three strong women who aren’t pushovers. And who have the courage to take charge of their own future, not to mention protect and help those they love.

So who are these ladies, you ask?

In The Marquis’ New Clothes—Aimee de Miran, Countess of Gremont, is a woman on a mission. Her foolish, impetuous cousin has stolen her former lovers’ ring. A man who happens to be the King’s Lieutenant General of Police. (Are you shaking your head with me? Foolish, foolish cousin.) Her cousin accidentally dropped the ring in the pocket of Adam de Vey, Marquis de Nattes. In order to get close enough to search his pockets, Aimee will have to seduce a man she believes is no less a womanizer than her late husband was. Someone who sees women as interchangeable, or so Aimee thinks. She is unaware that Adam has been deeply infatuated with her for a very long time. And that this tall dark and handsome man has his own seduction in mind.

In The Lovely Duckling—Emilie de Sarron has been through a lot. Teased all her life because of the burns she sustained in a fire as a child, she’s been called Singed de Sarron. Emilie Embers. Charred and Scarred Emilie de Sarron. All of which are detestable. Worse, at her introduction into society, she was horribly teased and publicly humiliated—the hero, Joseph, regrettably a part of this fiasco. It was the final straw. For ten years, Emilie withdrew from society. Now she’s back and she’s determined to grab a bit bliss—albeit strictly sexual. She longs to touch and be touched. Love is out of the question, since no suitor had ever wanted her. But a physical encounter is doable. How? Well, she’s going to use the anonymity of a masquerade orgiastic ball in order to find a willing lover, and indulge. Who expected that the very man she gives herself to is none other than Joseph.

In The Princess and the Diamonds—Princess Gabrielle has taken some royal diamonds from the palace. Her half-brother has gambled away his fortune at the Basset tables—a card game recently banned by the King. Knowing she has skill at the game, she dons male attire and is intent on using the royal diamonds to gamble with. But the gorgeous man seated across from her sees through her disguise. She isn’t going to let his stirring effect on her senses distract her from the game. Or to keep her from winning. Even though the attraction between them is pretty potent and irresistible. ;)

Dare to step into the world of fairy tales? Once upon a wicked time. . . I hope you enjoy these fun, sensual stories.

Be sure to watch for my first full-length Fiery Tale—A MIDNIGHT DANCE. A steamy retelling of Cinderella with enough twists and scorching love scenes to leave you breathless! Trust me, Cinderella has NEVER been retold like this!

QUESTION: Let’s talk damsels. If you were a damsel in distress in fairy tale, who would you want to rescue you?

My answer: If hubby wasn’t available, I’m hoping Bradley Cooper will be charging into the castle. :)

One lucky commenter will receive a signed copy of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED or AWAKNENED BY A KISS, winner’s choice! GIVEAWAY OPEN WORLDWIDE.

The Princess in His Bed  Awakened by a Kiss

The Princess in His BedTHE PRINCESS IN HIS BED

Inspired by “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “The Ugly Duckling, and “The Princess and the Pea,” Lila DiPasqua spins three sexy tales that give new meaning to the term bedtime story…

The Marquis’ New Clothes: To save her cousin, Aimee de Miran must retrieve a jeweled ring from the most sinfully seductive man at court, the Marquis de Nattes. But to search his considerable wardrobe she’ll have to get very close to the notorious rake…and soon she finds herself very close to him indeed, with his clothes—and hers—utterly forgotten…

The Lovely Duckling: Reputed for his carnal skills, Joseph d’Alumbert prefers amorous encounters without emotional entanglement—until a quick-witted lady stirs tender feelings and hot desire. Emilie de Sarron suffered burns to her body as an infant, and keeps her scars—and her heart—well hidden. But Joseph is determined to peel away her inhibitions, one slow steamy kiss at a time, to reveal the beautiful swan inside…

The Princess and the Diamonds: Princess Gabrielle can’t sleep at night. There is something hard in her bed. No, not just the stolen diamonds tucked under her mattress, but the handsome Marquis on it….whose carnal talents she can’t resist. But he threatens her secret mission, and worse, she stands to lose far more than the diamonds---her heart is at stake….

About the Author:

Lila DiPasqua writes wicked and witty historical romance for Penguin/Berkley. She lives with her real-life hero husband and three children and is a firm believer in the happily-ever-after. She loves history and enjoys traveling. She has been to four continents so far. Her novels, AWAKENED BY A KISS, and THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED are featured in Doubleday as well as Rhapsody Book Clubs.

To learn more about Lila and her books, visit


As stated above Lila kindly offered a a signed copy of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED or AWAKNENED BY A KISS, winner’s choice to a lucky commentator.

The Princess in His Bed  Awakened by a Kiss
To be entered all you have to do is:

1. fill out the main form so I have your contact info (just once, if you have already filled it out for a previous giveaway that's enough)

2. Answer Lila's question: If you were a damsel in distress in fairy tale, who would you want to rescue you?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on Friday 4 March 2011.

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