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Genre Mash Up by Joely Sue Burkhart + Giveaway

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Have you ever heard of a sci-fi regency romance? No? Well you're in luck then because today I have the pleasure of welcoming Joely Sue Burkhart to the blog, whose newest novel (which will bereleased in March) is exactly that! So read on if you are curious as to what exactly is a sci-fi regency romance and you could also win a copy!

Please give a warm welcome to Joely Sue Burkhart!

Lady Doctor Wyre is a combination of spicy Regency romance and science fiction.

It might seem like a strange combination. It's not exactly steampunk, which is typically founded upon the Victorian era. It's obviously not an historical with all those nanobots and space travel! Paranormal isn't exactly right either. Gasp, all that sex distracts from the science!

So just where did this idea come from?

I've always loved crossed genres (my first works are epic fantasy crossed with romance). When the first hints of the steampunk wave began, I read it like any reader interested in fantasy and science fiction. But when I tried to write steampunk, it just didn't work for me. As a reader, my favorite historicals were always Regency, not Victorian. Brass goggles just don't do anything for me, not really. Nor do air ships.

But corsets...and Mr. Darcy...absolutely.

With my SFF love, though, I couldn't help but throw in something out of this world. What could be better than "Mr. Darcy in Space?" And so Lady Wyre's universe was born. Loosely based on the early 1800s, countries became planets and male world leaders became women. Yes, you read that correctly -- women rule this universe, with all their incredible Regency fashion and manners.

I hope Jane Austen would approve.

Joely always has her nose buried in a book, especially one with mythology, fairy tales, and romance. She, her husband, and their three monsters live in Missouri. By day, she’s a computer programmer with a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics. When night falls, she bespells the monsters so she can write.

You can reach her at her website, on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.

A dangerous technology could conquer the universe. Love could set it free.

Charlotte, Duchess of Wyre, once held the Queen’s highest confidence—and the technological secret that keeps the royal heart beating. Fearful of what atrocities that Britannia might commit with her research, Charlotte turned to the galaxy’s most infamous assassin, Lord Sigmund Regret, to stage her own death.

Even without the simplest of luxuries, seven years hiding in the Americus colony is preferable to one day in the Tower of Londinium. Until a bounty hunter’s bullet forces her to revive her research. Now the same nanobots that keep the Queen alive also run rampant in Lord Regret’s body. Making his yearly Solstice visits increasingly…intimate…and complicating her courtship with the safe and honorable Sheriff Gilead Masters.

When the Americus colony declares independence, and her humble sheriff makes a shocking confession, Charlotte has had enough. Weary of running, tired of living without tea and silks, she fires a warning shot across Britannia’s bow: cease hunting Lady Wyre, or lose the technological power the crown holds so dear.

Her next task isn’t so simple. Somehow she must keep the two men she loves alive—and prevent them from killing each other.

Warning: Ladies in positions of power, stylish spaceships, BDSM. A ménage a trois featuring a duchess on the run, a gentlemanly assassin, and a rough-and-tumble sheriff willing to gun down anyone who gets between him and his lady.


Joely generously offered a copy of Lady Doctor Wyre and a print copy of The Rose of Shanhasson to a lucky commentator.

Lady Doctor Wyre: Jane Austen Space Opera, Book 1  The Rose of Shanhasson

To be entered all you have to do is:

1. fill out the main form so I have your contact info (just once, if you have already filled it out for a previous giveaway that's enough)

2. Leave a question/comment for Joely, tell us if you could have your mash up of genres, which ones would you mix? (like Lady Doctor Wyre is a spicy Regency romance and science fiction mix novel) Or which two very different novels would you mix, or which novel would you see told in a completely different setting? (like Pride and Prejudice told as a western novel) 

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on Friday 11 March 2011.

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