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Where Everything Began by Vivian Arend + Giveaway

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Today I would like to welcome and cede the scene to the very friendly Vivian Arend! Today is a special day for Vivian: the second book in her Turner Twins series - Turn it Up was released today! Yippee!

Turn It Up: Turner Twins, Book 2

So join in the celebrations and you could win some goodies too! ;-)


Anniversaries are great time to look back and to celebrate not only where you’ve come from, but where you’re going. First off, congrats to Ex Libris for a full year of celebrating books, authors, and readers. I’m glad to be a part of the party. **blows noise-makers**

As a writer, I’ve been asked where the books begin. For me, most often it’s one incident, or scene that triggers the entire story. For example, I had a vivid scene come to mind of a woman standing at the top of an elaborate set of stairs, laughing down at a man. Then the phone rang, and her face went completely white…

Turn It On: Turner Twins, Book 1That was the start of TURN IT ON, book one in the Turner Twins series. Maxine Turner had a problem, and I went back and wrote her book to lead up to that moment and go beyond to her Happily Ever After. In the process, I discovered other details, such as what was happening in that man’s live, what was the significance of the house, and that Maxine had a twin, Maxwell, who was married with a young baby.

People wanted to know more. I wanted to know more! So in spite of simply wanting to write a stand-alone book, I went back in time, and wrote Maxwell and Tasha’s story. Only now there were details that were dictated by what happened in the first book. I knew Maxwell’s wife was older than him. I knew how old Max was (hello, twin to Maxine…)

Turn It Up: Turner Twins, Book 2I knew the expansive Turner family was involved, that Maxine was dating a fellow named Jamie before she met her true love…

It was an interesting exercise for me as an author, to write a book that stands on its own, but still fits with everything that is already stated in book one. In the end, I was very pleased by the result - TURN IT UP. A happily-ever-after that comes before what happened next.

Turn It Up: Turner Twins, Book 2She wants it. He’s got it… and a whole lot more.

Maxwell Turner considers his stubborn and resourceful attitude a plus. After all, it usually gets him what he wants—except for Natasha Bellingham. The long-time family friend may be ten years older than he, but so what? He’s plenty old enough to know they belong together. Now all he has to do is convince her.

Over the past few years Natasha’s love life has degenerated into a series of bad clichés. Her biological clock is ticking—loudly. As a proven architect with her own house-design company, she’s financially ready for a baby. Who says she needs a permanent man in her life for that? She just needs a “donation”.

When Max discovers Natasha’s future plans include artificial insemination, he’s outraged. She wants to get pregnant? No problem. He’s more than willing to volunteer—no turkey basters involved.

But there’s one non-negotiable clause: He wants forever. And he intends to do everything in his power—fair and unfair—to make it happen.

Warning: This title contains one younger man ready, aimed and hell bent on giving one woman everything she wants. Includes interludes against the wall, in a Jacuzzi, on a car hood and even—shockingly enough—on a bed or two. Oh, and about that porch swing? Yup…

Today, TURN IT UP is available from Samhain through all ebook sellers. I’ll be partying at my blog and Facebook page as well.

As a part of celebrating here at Ex Libris, I’d like to offer a copy of book 1 (Turn it On) in ebook as a prize.

Happy Anniversary Ex Libris!!

Vivian Arend has hiked, biked, skied and paddled her way around most of North America and parts of Europe. Throughout all the wandering in the wilderness, stories have been planted and they are bursting out in vivid colour. Paranormal, twisted fairytales, red-hot contemporaries—the genres are all over.

Between times of living with no running water, she home schools her teenaged children and tries to keep up with her husband—the instigator of most of the wilderness adventures.

You can reach Vivian at her Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Turn It On: Turner Twins, Book 1Pushing the sensual limits can set off all kinds of alarms…

Inheriting her grandmother’s home is a dream come true for web designer Maxine Turner. She’s looking forward to a little freedom from the constant demands of her beloved, crazy mob of a family. When vandals expose just how vulnerable she is living alone, she seeks help.

Ryan Claymore’s well-thought-out life was wrenched out from under him when responsibility for his special-needs stepbrother landed on his shoulders. Going from military man to business man hasn’t been easy. He counts himself lucky he’s found Maxine to trade his security-system knowledge for her website expertise.

The red-hot chemistry that sizzles between them comes from out of the blue, and they both fight a losing battle to resist. Even the secret Ryan hides isn’t enough to keep Maxine from working her way into his heart—and his bed.

But something else might tear them apart. Whoever seems determined to destroy her home, and her sanity along with it.


Vivian has offered a lucky commentator their chance to win the 1st book in the series (Turn it On) in ebook format.

To be entered in the giveaway:

1. fill out the main form so I have your contact info (just once, if you have already filled it out for a previous giveaway that's enough)

2. Tell us a memory or incident that started something (can be your very first childhood memory, or how you met or what you remember about meeting for the very first time your best friend / husband / boyfriend / pet, etc.)

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on Friday 4 March 2011.

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