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Lords of the Underworld 101

As you know in March the Book Bloggers Anonymous are discussing The Darkest Night (Book #1 in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter) at the BBA Goodreads Group all through March, swing by and join us.

I know most of you are seasoned (and die-hard) LOTU fans, but just for those who have been introduced to this series of Gena Showalter with The Darkest Night (like me) or for those who *gasp* are not familiar with the series and universe, here is a quick 101 cheat sheet:

1. The Background

The Lords of the Underworld (and not Underground as a friend mistakenly told me ;-p) universe is based on the Greek myth of Pandora: Pandora was the very first woman, each one of the Gods helped create her. The Gods have gotten together all the bad and evil in the world - be it negative emotions like jealousy, rage or doubt, or sicknesses, wars and other bad things plaguing the world and humans - and closed them all in a box, which they gave to Pandora to guard it. They have gifted her with many things, just asked/warned her of one thing: never to open the box. But Pandora was curious and decided to take just a peek, however it was enough for all the badness to get out and spread in the world. Sh quickly closed the lid, however all evil got out, only one thing remained inside the box: hope.

In the LOTU universe Pandora is killed by warriors and that is why the negative emotions and bad things go "haunt" the warriors: each one of them gets possessed by one of the evil things.

Which gets us to...

2. The Lords

We meet the Lords in the first book (The Darkest Night):

Maddox - Keeper of Violence - The Darkest Night (Book #1)

The Darkest Night (Hqn)

Lucien - Keeper of Death - The Darkest Kiss (Book #2)

The Darkest Kiss (Hqn)

Reyes - Keeper of Pain - The Darkest Pleasure (Book #3)

The Darkest Pleasure (Hqn)

Sabin - Keeper of Doubt - The Darkest Whisper (Book #4)

The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld)

Aeron - Keeper of Wrath - The Darkest Passion (Book #5)

The Darkest Passion (Hqn)

Gideon - Keeper of Lies - The Darkest Lie (Book #6)

The Darkest Lie (Hqn)

Amun - Keeper of Secrets - The Darkest Secret (Book #7)

The Darkest Secret (Hqn)

Strider - Keeper of Defeat - The Darkest Surrender (Book #8)
(To be released July 2011)

Paris - Keeper of Promiscuity - The Darkest Seduction (Book #9)
(To be released April 2012)

Torin - Keeper of Disease

Kane - Keeper of Disaster

Cameo - Keeper of Misery (and the only woman Lord)

Baden - Keeper of Distrust (deceased)

For more information on the Lords and the upcoming books, check out Gena's website: http://www.genashowalter.com/

3. The setting

The Lords live in Budapest, capital of Hungary, a Central European country.

For your virtual tour of Budapest just click HERE.

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Join the events, share the LOTU love and have fun!

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