Thursday, 7 April 2011

Free Read!

Hey Everyone!

Today I would like to share some great news with you! I just recently discovered that one of my favourite authors (if you need some clue here it is: she writes a magical and laugh-out-oud funny urban fantasy series!) writes undera  different penname too, so of course I can't wait to discover her other series! :-D

And I thought I'd invite her over to let her introduce her other novels and series herself. Please give the warmest welcome to Sonya Bateman!! (yes, of course I was referring to the fantastic author of Master of None and Master and Apprentice!)

Master of None   Master and Apprentice

Hey, Stella! Thank you for once again letting me babble at your readers.

You may know me as Sonya Bateman (or you may not) -- which is, in fact, my name. But after many years of living a double life, I’m finally coming out of the closet. You see, I have a pseudonym.

An evil pseudonym.

In addition to my djinn series with Pocket, I’ve been writing under the name S. W. Vaughn for a long time. Vaughn writes thrillers and erotic romance in addition to urban fantasy. The main difference between the two is a matter of violence.

Most of my Vaughn stuff is several shades darker than my djinn books. And Vaughn likes it that way. In fact, Vaughn scares me sometimes.

So, as part of my official coming-out campaign, I’m giving away one of my Vaughn titles to everyone -- my favorite one, in fact. Broken Angel is the first book in my House Phoenix thriller series, an epic saga of underground street fighting, drug lords, prostitution, Japanese gangsters, transvestites and crooked cops in New York City.

And it’s now available for FREE in multiple e-book formats from Smashwords (among others mobi, epub, PDF, etc.).

And in case you’d like to know about, well, the actual story:


One rule: don't lose.

When Gabriel Morgan's sister disappears somewhere in New York's underground, he'll do anything to save her. But finding her is only the beginning, because Marcus Slade won't let her go for less than ten million dollars – earned through Gabriel's blood.

Slade, one of five ruthless leaders of an organization identified only by a symbol, runs hookers and street fighters, and never gives up what's his. Including Gabriel's sister. To win her freedom, Gabriel is forced to undergo a brutal training program with Slade's top fighters in order to become one of them. He is branded, broken, given a new image, and a new name.

In the ring, Gabriel is known as Angel…and he does not lose.Because the price for losing is his sister's life.

WARNING: Contains violence, torture, and more violence.

You can find out more about Vaughn (if you really want to) at the official website:

If you need further enticement to check out S.W. Vaughn's novels, take a peek at her novels written as Sonya Bateman:

you can read my reviews of Master of None and Master and Apprentice

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