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Armchair BEA: Where I Interview Ella from the Clock Monkey!

Though I participated in last year's Armchair BEA, thgis is my first time interviewing (and getting interviewed by) someone! We had a round robin system, and the fates (or rather the Armchair BEA organizers ;-p) gave me Ella as my interviewee. Ella is the blogger behind The Clock Monkey, please give her a warm welcome and let's get to know her better! :-)

Stella: Hi Ella, thanks for answering my question, curious to learn more about you and your blog! :-)

Did you participate last year or is this one your first Armchair Bea? Why did you want to participate?

Ella: This is my first year at Armchair BEA, so I’m pretty excited! Mainly, the reason for wanting to participate is that there aren’t events like this one in my home country, there’s just one book fair (which is International, separated between “adult” and Children’s. The Children’s and YA one is coming soon and of course I’ll be going!). Even then, our book fair doesn’t have all the things American fairs do. We don’t have authors signing books at every stand, if there’s just one, that person will be a sort of celebrity in the fair (and they usually are; we had Mario Vargas Llosa at the “regular/adult” fair this past May).

Stella: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what your home life is like? Where do you live (urban-rural)? Do you have brothers and sisters?

Ella: I grew up in a city in the Argentine Patagonia, a city by a river. The Atlantic Ocean is 30 km. from my hometown. So it’s pretty nice. Now that I’m studying in a big city, I miss it, and I’m starting to appreciate its beauty. I have two younger brothers, and I love them. We argue, but those arguments don’t last long. :-)

Stella: You are a student, what are you studying and what do you wish to be once your studies are over?

Ella: I’m studying Audiovisual Arts -which is a fancy way of saying Film- at the UNLP. I love photography, so maybe I’ll choose to be a Director of Photography, or perhaps just a Director. I still have two and a half years to decide. In the meantime, they teach us a bit of everything, Sound Engineering, Scriptwriting, Producing, etc. It’s really wonderful!

Stella: What do you like to do when you aren’t blogging?

Ella: I like to read, of course! But I get to do that a lot less these days, since studying is taking up most of my time. I also like to make blog designs, and I’m starting a little design business. Nothing too fancy, just something to get people a design that goes with their blogs, as opposed to those premade Blogger templates.

Stella: Your blog is called The Clock Monkey. Could you please tell us why you chose this name and what is its meaning?

Ella: The Clock Monkey is a nickname my friends gave me, and it’s the title of a song. The song’s basically about partying and having a good time, and there’s a part that refers to someone who likes to sleep a lot, so that would be me. :P

Stella: What made you want to start blogging? Since when have you been blogging? And why a book blog?

Ella: My blog wasn’t initially a book blog, it was just a personal blog, and I was still not sure of why I’d started it when I discovered book blogging, and I knew that was my place.

I started it out of a whim. I’m a huge OTH fan, and Hilary Burton had just started her production company, Southern Gothic Productions; and they didn’t have a website yet, they had a Blogger blog. So, I wanted one, just because. Then I fell into the book blogging world, and haven’t left since. That was more than two years ago.

Stella: You speak Spanish and English, since when have you been reading in English? And what would you say; do you read more in Spanish or in English?

Ella: I started reading in English with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I was able to buy the book the minute it came out because it was a world wide release. Back then, I was 13 and I still had a lot to learn about English, but I understood most of it. I read the book with a dictionary by my side. I definitely read more in English, I read books I buy/win/receive for review, etc. in English because there aren’t that many YA authors in the Latin Lit. And when I read in Spanish, it’s almost always a translation of an American/British book.

Stella: What is your favorite thing about being a book blogger?

Ella: Knowing all the wonderful people in the book blogging world! I’ve gotten to make friends -bloggers and authors-, discovered things that I wouldn’t have otherwise… it’s amazing. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Stella: What is your favourite book (all-time or of this year) or series?

Ella: My favourite series is definitely Harry Potter. But, apart from that, I’m a Lauren Oliver fan (I actually started her fanpage), and though I read it last year as an ARC, I love DELIRIUM, which came out this year. It’s a beautiful, beautiful book. I cannot express how much I love it.

Stella: And one you wish you had never wasted time reading?

Ella: I think saying “a book I wish I’d never wasted my time reading” is a bit harsh, but there have been books that I couldn’t get into, and had to leave unfinished because of that. For instance, I couldn’t finish The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, by Lauren Kate. I’m not saying it’s a bad book, but the story just wasn’t for me.

Stella: You mostly read YA novels, but which genres do you like the most within YA books, is there anything that you won’t read?

Ella: I love Paranormal YA, that’s my area of comfort. I don’t particularly like Sci-Fi, I rather avoid it. But Inside Out, by Maria V. Snyder has opened a new door to me. They don’t tell you IO is a Sci-Fi, I discovered it at the end of the book, and it was a very pleasant surprise. (I haven’t read ATU, by Beth Revis yet!) Also, I’m just now beginning to get used to Contemporary YA. I used to see it as something boring, without much action, but I was so, so wrong.

Stella: How many books do you usually read in a month?

Ella: Before starting uni, I’d read four/six books a month, and not all YA. But now, I barely have time! I’ve been reading Eragon for like a month now!

Stella: Do you have a favourite place to read? And a favourite time of the day perhaps?

Ella: My bed, at night, with a cup of peppermint tea and/or a piece of chocolate. I can read anything, printed or e-book, and I love my bed.

Stella: Which author would you like to meet the most?

Ella: Mmm… it’s a tie between J. K. Rowling and Lauren Oliver. :D

Stella: A favourite quote to live by?

Ella: To live by? Wow, that’s hard. Um… one I really like could be: "Anytime you feel love for anything, be it stone, tree, lover, or child, you are touched by the Goddess's magick...” from Book of Shadows, by Cate Tiernan.

Thanks for having me! It was fun!

You can find Ella at:

The Clock Monkey

Check back later to see my interview done by Bea, I really enjoyed her inquisitive questions and so chatted quite a lot... lol ;-p

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