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Postapocapunk - Guest Post by L.K. Rigel + Giveaway

Today I would like to introduce to you L.K. Rigel the author behind an extraordinarily hybrid series: the Apocalypto series. It has sci-fi, romance, apocalypse, shapeshifters, gods and many other things making it a unique mix. I was curious to ask L.K. how come that as a woman she chose to write a sci-fi novel. What appealed to her in the genre, why does she like it?

L.K. was kind enough to stop by and answer my question and even offered her whole Apocalypto series to one lucky commentator, so please give a warm welcome to L.K! 

Bleeder, A Romantic Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 3)First, thank you, Stella, for inviting me to write this post. I'd love to talk about how I ended up writing in the sci-fi romance genre.

From the time I was young my reading had a glom style. I started off devouring all fairy tales and moved on to tales of Greek gods and goddesses. In high school I was caught up in family sagas and great sweeping historical stuff by writers like Michener and Ferber and Uris.

Dune [Blu-ray]I didn't get into science fiction until a college boyfriend lent me his copy of Dune. Then it was The Martian Chronicles and Stranger in a Strange Land, The Left Hand of Darkness and on and on. But nothing was as good as Dune which I did love for the political intrigue but mostly because of the romance between Paul and Chani.

After that stint with sci-fi, I moved on to Danielle Steel of all things! I wonder if it was the romance I was looking for? Still, I was always drawn back to sci-fi and fantasy, but I must have romance with it.

Space Junque is definitely science fiction but with a twist. It's a prequel to Bleeder, the first novel in a paranormal series set on an earth where some people don't have souls. There are shapeshifters, giant predatory birds, and mutated humans who can see souls. Human fertility is rare, and therefore fertile women have a lot of power. The gods truly exist. They don't like human beings very much, and resent it that humans are necessary to their own existence.

Space Junque, a Romantic Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 1)Space Junque explains the beginnings of how this mundane world became that fantastical world. As I said, it starts as science fiction, but halfway into the story, things change. Gods and shapeshifters appear, and the characters realize nothing will ever be the same.

Originally, I had intended Space Junque as a stand-alone prequel to Bleeder. But I fell in love with Char and Jake -- and Durga, who actually appears in Bleeder. Luckily, readers want to know more about them too.

Spiderwork, a Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 2)In Spiderwork, the sequel to the prequel, Char and Jake meet new challenges to say the least. Durga is older. As the goddess Asherah's "chosen one," Durga has a lot of responsibility in the new world order, but she finds it hard to concentrate when the prince of Luxor shows up on the scene. As for genre, it's pretty much post-apocalyptic paranormal with some sci-fi elements.

Postapocapunk. A new genre -- you heard it at Ex Libris first!

You can learn more about the Apocalypto series at L.K. Rigel's website.

You can also read my review of Space Junque Book #1 in the Apocalypto series here.

Space Junque is free for Apple apps right now (like iPad) HERE so if you have the right apps you can get it there for free.


L.K. has generously offered ebook copies of all three books of her Apocalypto series (Space Junque, Spiderwork, Bleeder) to one lucky commentator!

Space Junque, a Romantic Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 1)  Spiderwork, a Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 2)  Bleeder, A Romantic Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 3)

All you have to do is:

1) leave a question/comment for L.K., or tell us do you read sci-fi? If yes what do you like about this genre, if not what could tempt you to explore this genre?

2) leave me a way to contact you if you win (e-mail address, Twitter handle, etc.)

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 3 June 2011!

Good luck! :-)

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