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Book Review: The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook by Christy Dorrity

Title: The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook
Author: Christy Dorrity
Publisher: Dorrity Publications
Release date: 6 June 2011
Purchase information: Goodreads, Author's Website, Amazon

Grade: 5 stars

Novellus perfectus!

Goodreads appetizer: Great books, bloggers, and recipes meet in this fresh and unique cookbook that helps you experience books, not just read them.

Books were selected from the author's book review blog and paired with delectable recipes like "Fairy Touched Calico Brownies" from the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull, "7-Day Layer Dip" from Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, and "I Hate Chocolate Cake" from Amanda Hocking's Switched. Mouthwatering photos complement every recipe.

The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook includes a foreword by Amanda Hocking, author of the USA Today Bestselling Trylle Trilogy and showcases over seventy reviews with links to book review blogs and author websites.

Whether you're a food lover, an avid reader or a book blogger, there's something for you in The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook.

My thoughts: Those who regularly visit my blog know that besides reading and travelling cooking&baking is my other passion. And through my Sunday Treats I combine my love of reading with my love of desserts by sharing with you recipes of some of my favourite treats.

So when I heard that someone else did the same and even compiled a blogger's cookbook I was beyond excited and couldn't wait to see Christy Dorrity's selection. And it is wonderful!

The recipes are special and one of a kind enough to stand out of the more usual meals, but simple yet in both the ingredients and preparation as to not discourage you from trying them out at home. I love the creativity behind each of the recipes, how with a simple addition of an ingredient Christy Dorrity turns an ordinary recipe into something fancy and special.

While browsing through the cookbook I kept stopping and exclaiming "Mmm.. I want to try this one!" and "I want to bake this one!". It is a wonderful selection of a variety of creative and fresh recipes and I loved reading at each one of them the connection to the novel which inspired Christy and her personal retelling of the link between food and book.

One of my favourite recipes was the Fear-faire Lavendar Custard which is the treat accompanying Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

I love desserts and custard is a favourite of mine. Be it with apple pie or some other cake, I love it. And as we have a lavendar bush in our garden, I knew I had to try out this tasty and unorthodox combination.

In my opinion this upgraded custard is wonderful to have with pies and cakes just as you would use a normal one (so no need to freeze it, it is just as wonderful as a sauce). If you want to make the experience even more explosive taste-wise, sprinkle the lavendar custard with grilled walnut/hazelnut pieces on top of the cake. I guarantee it will be unforgettable!

Here is the recipe of Christy's fairy custard:

Fear-faire Lavendar Custard

•2 cups heavy cream
•1 cup half-and-half
•1/2 cup mild honey
•2 tablespoons dried edible lavender flowers or leaves
•1 teaspoon real vanilla
•4 egg yolks
•1/8 teaspoon salt

1. In a 2-quart, heavy saucepan, bring the cream, half-and-half, honey, and lavender just to a boil over moderate heat.

2. Remove pan from the heat. Add vanilla. Let steep, covered, 30 minutes.

3. Pour cream mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl and discard the lavender.

4. Return the mixture to cleaned saucepan and heat over moderate heat until hot.

5. Whisk together the egg yolks and salt in a large bowl, then add 1 cup of the hot cream mixture in a slow stream, whisking.

6. Pour the egg mixture into remaining hot cream mixture and cook over moderately low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until thick enough to coat the back of the spoon or it registers 170-175° on thermometer, about 5 minutes (do not let boil).

7. Cool completely, stirring occasionally. Cover and chill until cold, at least 3 hours.

8. Freeze the custard in an ice cream maker. Place the custard in an airtight container and put it in freezer to harden. Custard will last in the freezer for 1 week.

Verdict: The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook is a wonderful and imaginative compilation of extraordinary yet easy to prepare recipes with an explanation of the link to a specific novel Christy Dorrity has read and reviewed. The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook is more than a mere cookbook. It contains review bits of 20 bloggers stating what they loved about the featured books. The blogger testaments make you want to read the novels and the photos make your mouth water. Perfect combination! My only complaint it that the 20 recipes aren't nearly enough, I want more! :-)

Content: 9/10
Cover: 10/10 - I am amazed at the professional and top quality look of the cover! It looks both professional and beautiful, and I love how both the reading and the delicious treats are included on it :-) 

Buy it:

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