Thursday, 14 July 2011

The H&W Cast according to Stacy

Today I bring you another character cast post, this time done by Stacy from  Urban Fantasy Investigations! I am always excited to see how readers picture the characters so I always enjoy seeing their casting posts. And have to say how uncanny is it that both Tynga and Stacy thought of the same actor to play Chaz? :-) So read on and tell us, do you agree with Stacy's choices or who else can you imagine as the characters of the H&W Investigations series? Now I'll just give it over to Stacy. :-)

Hi Everyone, Thank you Stella for inviting me to participate in this event.

The question is: Who would I cast to play the parts of our favorite H&W Investigations characters?!?!? I cast the characters on looks alone so if they have accents please ignore them =)


Our Fiery Red headed main character.

Maria Castro - I totally picture Shiarra looking like her. I can picture her no problem as our kick ass heroine

Sara Halloway

Shiarra’s best friend and Business partner. She is described as having blue eyes and I had to ask Jess what color her hair is as I don’t remember reading her full description. Her character was the hardest for me to picture but here is what I came up with:

Blake Lively


Our wish he was dead on again/off again werewolf. It kills me to make Chaz so hot but here you have it.

Chris Hemsworth - yummy


The mage we think of as a bit geeky but dating Sara. He is described in the book as “tall, skinny, with thick glasses perched on a narrow nose and an untidy mop of sandy brown hair,” and I picture:

Topher Grace - I even found a pic of him with glasses

Alec Royce

Ahh our handsome trouble maker vampire. Ok this actually ended up being as hard as finding Sara, No one did him justice in my head until I spotted the first pic of…..

Paul Walker - Now he might have to dye his hair black and wear dark contacts but mmmm yeah definitely sexy vampire Royce material.

Hopefully I did the characters the justice in actors/actresses they deserved. This was fun!

You can find Stacy at her blog: Urban Fantasy Investigations, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. 

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