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The H&W Cast according to Tynga

So to start off the Spotlight on H & W Investigations event I thought it would be nice to have some visual aid as to how the characters could be perceived. Tynga, from Tynga's reviews is a big fan of the series and I always enjoy her character casting posts so I was more than happy when she graciously agreed to participate and even more happy when she asked whether she could do a character cast post!

So if you don't know the series yet, come closer and meet the characters, and for you seasoned fans, is this how you imagined the cast? Or who would you pick?

Hello guys!

I’m super excited to be here today and would like to thank Stella for inviting me ^^ I really like the H&W Investigations series by Jess Haines (and love Jess very much!), so I had to accept right away when Stella contacted me to write a guest post. I decided to cast the characters of the series because it’s a game I really enjoy playing and I think it’s always pretty cool to see how other people picture them!

To play Shiarra I picked Rachelle Lefebvre.

I think she really looks the part and would be great to play the action scenes as well. Plus she’s from Quebec, Canada just like me <3

To play Chaz, Shiarra’s on and off boyfriend, I picked Chris Hemsworth

I think he can pull off but the nice guy and jerk sides of Chaz’s personality, and isn’t he a real eye candy? 
Chaz is described as having blond hair and blue eyes, he is muscled and slightly hairy.

Now I had a very hard time finding someone to play Royce, aka hottie vamp. He is described has having dark toned skin with dark eyes and dark shoulder-length dark hair, strong features and devilishly handsome.

The closest I could come up with is Aidan Turner. But he isn’t handsome enough to fit the image I have, and he’d need to be more “polished” 

A younger Hugh Jackman would’ve been almost perfect!

To play Sara, Shiarra’s best friend I would pick Kate Hudson

And to play Arnold… Sara’s Boyfriend, and Magi, I would totally imagine Chace Crawford playing him.

He is described has tall and skinny with a narrow nose and an untidy mop of sandy brown hair, so I think our boy here just fits the bill ^^

If you’ve read the books, what do you think of my choice? Any suggestions? If you haven’t read them, would you like to watch a movie with this set of actors?

Thanks again for the invite Stella! I had a blast putting this cast together *g*

Find Tynga at Tynga's Reviews.

Tynga's Reviews

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